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Updated Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service

Written By: Mariana St.Germain
October 31, 2017
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Updated Quickbase Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service

We are pleased to announce that Quickbase has updated its Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. These updates deliver greater customer value by:

  • Maintaining compliance with updated EU privacy requirements;
  • Protecting customers from malicious use of our platform;
  • Introducing a product warranty;
  • Setting a customer-friendly effective date for pricing changes; and
  • Providing more clarity about your use of Quickbase.

The Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy come into effect on October 31, 2017, whereas the new Terms of Service become effective at each customer’s billing and/or renewal date. No customer action is required at this time. Find further detail about our policies and terms below.

Privacy Policy

Quickbase has reached another milestone in its ongoing commitment to enable customers to be compliant when using Quickbase. As of October 31, 2017, Quickbase is Privacy Shield Certified which is important to all companies interested in receiving, storing and using personal data from the EU in the Quickbase platform. This Certification ensures that we meet the requirements for the transfer of personal data between the EU and the United States (U.S.) under the EU Privacy Shield framework.

What is the EU Privacy Shield Framework?

The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was approved in 2016 as the new legal framework for the transfer of personal data between the EU and the U.S., replacing Safe Harbor under which Quickbase was previously certified. Because data protection and security standards are ever-changing, global and international enterprises rely on their service providers to help them keep their data secure and processes compliant.

Privacy Shield Certification provides assurance that Quickbase’s privacy policies cover the updated requirements and are made available to the public and customers; and that the company has submitted the necessary documentation to the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) for review and approval. In addition, Quickbase has in place an independent recourse mechanism that is available to investigate and resolve individual complaints and disputes, as well as procedures for verifying compliance. U.S.-based companies that are certified under the Privacy Shield are listed on the website of the Department of Commerce.

Check out the updated Privacy Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy is updated with more specific language to help ensure consistent performance and availability of the Quickbase platform by better protecting it from malicious abuse. It provides greater detail about prohibited activities including spam and denial of service attacks.

Check out the updated Acceptable Use Policy.

Terms of Service

We’ve updated our Terms of Service to deliver greater customer value by introducing a product warranty, setting a customer-friendly effective date for pricing changes and providing more clarity about your use of Quickbase. If you do not accept the Terms of Service, please provide written notice 30 days prior to your billing or renewal date, when the updated terms come into effect. If you have entered into a separate written enterprise agreement with Quickbase, such agreement will continue to apply.

Key changes are highlighted below.


NEW: Product Warranty

We’re introducing a standard software-as-a-service product warranty to give you peace of mind that Quickbase works according to the product documentation and if it doesn’t, we’re committed to resolving any issues.


NEW: Price Change Effective Date

Any changes in license price become effective no earlier than the end of your current subscription period giving you time to prepare for the change.

Update: Billing Options

The Terms of Service reflect the billing options currently supported by Quickbase, monthly and annual. If you are currently billed quarterly, you’ll continue to be billed on a quarterly basis.

Clarification: Taxes

We’ve added language to clarify who is responsible for paying taxes.

Clarification: Auto-Renewal

Your contract renews automatically for one month or one year based on the current term of your agreement, unless you provide a 30-day notice. Also, it renews at the same license plan and number of licensed users.

Clarification: Usage Upgrade Options

The Terms of Service reflect the two options that you already have for usage upgrades (adding users on your account page in Quickbase or by signing an order form via your account team). This gives you the flexibility to maintain compliance with the number of users licensed as you continue to grow your usage of Quickbase.


Clarification: End User Terms

We’ve called out which parts of the Terms of Service apply to third party end users to whom you grant access.

Clarification: User Re-registration

The Terms of Service clarify that customers may not grant and revoke access to Quickbase on a daily or other regular basis in order to circumvent license restrictions.

Clarification: “Portals”

The Terms of Service clarify that mechanisms (such as a separate system or interface) that grant access to Quickbase without requiring access credentials are not permitted.


NEW: Logo Permission

Quickbase has permission to include your company name and logo in our marketing materials unless you opt out by sending an email to [email protected].

Check out the updated Terms of Service.

In this blog, we highlighted the key updates to our Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. To review our policies and terms in full, please refer to our Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

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