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Taking Control of Information Chaos

Written By: Matt Lieberson
June 7, 2023
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More often than ever, we are experiencing information chaos at our organizations. Work is stuck, we don’t know where to turn to move projects along, and we can’t get done what we need to. It’s chaos. And while work has shifted from static, structured work to collaborative, complex dynamic work, we need to be more flexible and better prepared. To work across people and systems requires us to get more than what we’re currently getting from our systems.

In fact, recent Quickbase research found that the use of multiple project management software solutions prohibits 65% of people from easily sharing project information. Further, the software that people use is simply not doing enough to have an impact – 45% of respondents said their software solutions are neutral or negative for productivity.

Quickbase's new product features allow us to cut through this chaos and get more done that we care about. Our upgraded forms, native integration with Snowflake, File Manager, and Versioning are all focused on making your work easier and giving you back time to focus on your projects and complex work, not on chasing information. Let’s look at the challenges organizations have in adjusting to dynamic work, and how these capabilities solve these challenges by getting you the information you need when you need it and managing your work at scale.

From Chaos to Clarity

Our research found that half of respondents are moderately (29%), very (15%), or extremely (7%) overwhelmed by the amount of software solutions they need to get their work done. Jumping from tool to tool and process to process means more work to find cohesive data and centrally track work. As one respondent shared, “Our systems don’t really sync up so we have to manually go back and check all the data and make sure it is the same in one as it is in the other.”

Many of the features launching are designed to reduce this chaos by bringing together the multiple data sources you need to get work done. Upgraded forms will allow you to easily create professional, sophisticated workflows for data collection. With upgraded forms, you can highlight critical fields, and focus attention on the information that matters through multi-step flows.

Further, Quickbase’s new Snowflake integration allows organizations to skip the manual data extracts and say goodbye to the days of error-prone manual data transfer. Snowflake’s cutting edge query optimization and parallel processing allows you to transfer large datasets with ease, and then manage, aggregate, and collaborate on that data in Quickbase. This integration unlocks the full potential of your organization’s data, with powerful data pipelines and valuable insights across departments propelling your data ecosystem to new heights.

From Busywork to Breakthrough 

Quickbase’s research revealed just how much time is lost to manual, menial work. More than half (53%) of respondents in our research spend over 10 hours per week chasing information they need from different people and systems. 50% also spend 10 hours per week on administrative or non-value-add work like data entry. And for meaningful work that drives revenue, 58% of respondents are spending less than 20 hours per week focused on that critical work on their projects.

We’ve already seen how upgraded forms and Snowflake will help reduce busywork like data entry and managing data at scale. Mobile Dashboardswill also make it easier than ever to find what you need on the go and stay on task. Especially valuable for workers in the field, mobile dashboards allow for report filtering and easily understanding project status and performance metrics – no matter where you are. With a seamless transition from desktop to mobile and full support for all report types and charts, you can quickly focus on the information that matters, instead of wasting time organizing and seeking it out.

More of this busywork comes through manually uploading files one-by-one. With Quickbase’s new File Manager, users can upload many files to Quickbase all at one time. Users can drag and drop on their form, or select a list of files on their mobile device for simple uploading – and time saved can go back to the critical work that drives revenue. For example, a field worker needing to upload project status documents or safety reports every day can save immense time spent with manual document upload, giving more time to take on the critical work of your project.

From Iteration to Innovation

You have thousands of applications – and thousands of ideas on how to improve them. Whether you want to test a new process without the fear of breaking things in the process, or quickly move large volumes of data between applications, these new features make it easier and more secure to manage your data and applications at scale. Collaborate easily, effectively, and with confidence as your use of Quickbase grows within your business.

Versioning gives you confidence that you can run your most business-critical projects in Quickbase. With your continued, growing Quickbase applications, versioning makes things easier to manage your innovation with confidence. Save entire versions of your application schema (structure), and rest assured that you have the ability to roll back to that previous version if you need.

All of these features and enhancements are designed to reduce the information chaos and busywork that plague organizations that are seeking more from their people and systems. You’ll be able to better utilize and understand the data in your organization, and spend less time on the busywork like trying to enter and find it. And you can do so with confidence that as you innovate, you can manage and iterate to find the best version of your solution with ease. As Quickbase continues to focus on these challenges, these new features will give you the time you need to get more done on your most crucial work.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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