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Scalable Impact: Announcing Enablement Services

Written By: Megan Ross
May 26, 2021
3 min read

Operational agility isn’t created overnight. It is built with practices, technology, and people that are committed to continuously improving and building scalable impact. We are committed to building the most operationally agile organizations in the world by uniting IT and business teams with practices and technology to grow citizen automation at scale. Today we are excited to announce a huge step in that direction with Enablement Services.

Success that scales

Quickbase’s Enablement Services packages are built upon a foundation of outcome-based activities designed to grow an organization’s citizen automation practices and work in tandem with the customization and agility the Quickbase platform provides. To outpace change, business and core IT teams are collaborating to shift more technology responsibilities to the business–these services are designed to establish a way to create, scale and govern a sustainable practice to innovate.

Our services are based on activities and outcomes and grounded in continuous enablement, ensuring continued success to grow your organization’s citizen automation practice. We focus on three goals:

  • Driving business impact: locking in on the critical processes and priorities for your organization, and making sure you are set up for success.
  • Establishing IT governance: keeping IT involved and establishing important guardrails, so your team has clear goals and guidance.
  • Accelerating innovation and operational agility: bringing about the flexibility and agility that your organization craves as quickly as possible.

Services include a mix of onboarding & implementation, technical consulting, governance best practices, care support, and training and certification at different package tiers. These tiers– some with a focus on a self-led experience, some a guided experience, and some a more collaborative experience – are available to both new and existing customers. With several tiers to choose from, our packages offer you the flexibility to work with us to choose the package that best aligns to your support needs, desired commitment level and appropriate spend level.

  • The Basic Package is designed for a cost-effective and self-led experience accelerating a business’ onboarding and adoption experience. Users can leverage online training resources and engage with the Customer Care Team.
  • The Essential Package provides a guided experience to learn how to develop, manage, and optimize business applications on the platform. Onboarding consultants guide the entire onboarding process and provide long-term support and continued product education.
  • The Premium Package is a collaborative partnership with Quickbase’s technical consultants, who teach customers how to develop and manage applications. Customers can extend their use of Quickbase through integrations and Governance capabilities, allowing for continual improvement.
  • The Ultimate Package provides early breakthroughs with rapid time to value and addresses the most pressing needs to return on investment. The advanced implementation program includes a Quickbase power team with technical consultants experienced in providing discovery and planning services, hands-on building, roll-out and advanced training support, as well as ongoing governance, best practices and insights.

Co-innovation to accelerate growth

For additional co-innovation with customers, we are also offering App-a-thons– an innovative app building events held within organizations that bring teams together to showcase problem solving abilities and solve real business challenges. Similar to hackathons, these events are designed to unlock talent and knowledge from business professionals that normally can’t participate in the solution delivery process.

Staying invested in your success

We know that full agility and preparation for change doesn’t happen immediately. That is why we are setting up our Enablement Services packages with the flexibility to provide value at the right time. Your team will help design a plan that meets you where you are and plot a path to achieve your goals of building a practice of citizen automation in your organization.

Since both new and existing customers can take advantage of these offerings, we are making these changes to help you increase the value of Quickbase and your rapid-cycle innovation efforts over time. Whenever your organization needs support, we’ll be prepared to help solve your transformational issues.

Written By: Megan Ross
Megan is a Customer Success Manager at Quickbase.

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