Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) is the digital command center from which all activities related to the availability, productivity, and maintainability of equipment's, facilities, movable and immovable assets in an organization are coordinated. CMMS optimizes the use of valuable resources (men, material, and money) to maintain facilities and equipment. The system provides for recording work requirements, tracking the status of the work, and analyzing the recorded data to manage the work, produce reports, and help control costs which gives organizations control over the predictive, preventative, corrective and emergency maintenance activities. Key features of the CMMS app: 1. Facility and Asset Hierarchy (Create, Modify and Extend Hierarchy) 2. Safety Management (Preventative, Corrective and Emergency Maintenance Plans) 3. Asset Availability (Asset Uptime and Downtime, Mean Time Between Failure) 4. Service Requests (Manage both Preventative and Corrective Maintenance) 5. Work Orders (Plan and Track Men, Material and Money required for each maintenance activity) 6. Tasks and Checklists (Create and Manage: Task Library and Maintenance Checklists for Asset Group) 7. Material Planning (Plan, Reserve, Issue and Return materials. Integrate it with your Inventory Management System) 8. Labor Planning and Scheduling (Work Shifts, Employee Skill Profile, Work Scheduling and Route Planning) 9. Maintenance History (Track asset activity from Planned to Decommission) 10. Purchase Orders (Reorder and Receive materials; Pay Invoices to Vendors. Integrate it with your Procurement Management System) 11. Reports: Track Industry Best Practices and KPIs, SLAs, Executive and Operational Dashboards (20+ Reports) App Credits: Mouli Ponnupandy, Vinay Kumar, Raviteja Pamid.
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