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Manufacturing Apps

Purchasing (P2P) and Expense Report System

Author: Firat Ozkan | 1,444 Downloads

"Purchasing (P2P) and Expense Report System" Introduction and Description: This application will en ...

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Essential Supply Chain Management

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 1,247 Downloads

Manage your supply chain with this easy to customize customer order and vendor purchase order applic ...

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Kanban for QuickBase

Author: Eric J. Hansen | 785 Downloads

What is Kanban? Kanban is a simple way to visualize and control the work a team is doing, and priori ...

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Parts Orders

Author: Phil Powis | 775 Downloads

This app is a simple order form for manufacturing parts. Could be used to manage orders being reques ...

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Premier Manufactured Goods

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 655 Downloads

This expansive app allows you to track your customers, orders, deliveries and sales agents productiv ...

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ABC Invoice and Inventory Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 589 Downloads

This application creates invoices with many line items where some of the items are individual parts ...

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Order and Production Manager with Inventory

Author: Justin Lapier | 582 Downloads

Produce Products from Raw Materials and create Orders from customers of those products. This applic ...

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Jobs and Equipment Repair Tracking

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 448 Downloads

App has many conditional fields to easily filter down the equipment used on a particular Project, na ...

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ABC Environmental Health and Safety EHS Portal

Author: Kirk Trachy | 326 Downloads

This app is desktop and mobile ready to support Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) support for co ...

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ABC QRCode Example

Author: Kirk Trachy | 245 Downloads

ABC QRCode Example shows how you can dynamically create QRCodes with data from your QuickBase. Examp ...

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Equipment Tracker

Author: Phil Powis | 184 Downloads

The Equipment Tracker allows you to log in and view equipment that is available to assign to yoursel ...

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Plant Production Tracker

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 157 Downloads

This app is designed to track important metrics for industrial plant production. It includes metrics ...

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Facilities Management

Author: Chris Brooks | 153 Downloads

Complete solution for managing your facility. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** A compete app that manag ...

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Basic Order Management for Manufacturing

Author: Elise Orr | 130 Downloads

This application is meant to help you keep track of basic orders including your inventory adjustment ...

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Assembly Costing

Author: Mark Shnier (YQC) | 112 Downloads

This app will allow you to do Assembly Costing. The concepts starts with a basic parts list. You c ...

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Product Development and Manufacturing Project Mgmt

Author: Eli Byrnes | 103 Downloads

Project management tool for manufacturing and development of new products or components for product ...

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Excavating & Grading Job Tracker

Author: Eli Byrnes | 86 Downloads

Tracks Jobs, Crew Assignments, Equipment Used, Hours on Equipment, Equipment Maintenance, Time on Jo ...

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Distribution Order Manager

Author: Colin Long | 83 Downloads

This app was created to assist with distribution of food products. ...

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Farm Management Application

Author: Eli Byrnes | 65 Downloads

Manage Individual growers, their ranches, the block / acres per ranch, Commodities and Varieties, Eq ...

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Sales & Projects Lifecycle with Inventory & Orders

Author: Brooke Eder | 48 Downloads

Track the lifecycle of projects from new lead, to sales opportunity, project origination, and finall ...

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NEW Product Model Release Tracker

Author: Eli Byrnes | 40 Downloads

Track Development of new products, models, retailers, scheduled releases, product components, develo ...

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Bug Tracking 2.0

Author: Darin T. | 33 Downloads

Keep track of issues and solutions. ...

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Construction Project Management Application

Author: Connor McClanahan | 33 Downloads

An application I created for specifically the Tower industry, this app should be able to be used in ...

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Produce Production

Author: Colin Long | 30 Downloads

Designed to help manage production for a food manufacturing company. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** ...

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Project Mgmt: Concrete Sales & Delivery

Author: Kristie McGhee | 23 Downloads

Track your customers, quotes, Projects, Project Tickets for multiple deliveries over the course of y ...

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Public Image Library u9

Author: Matt Earll | 22 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Uploa ...

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Specimen Tracking Portal

Author: Kristie McGhee | 14 Downloads

Track your specimen count and their movement from tank to tank. Track the providers you receive them ...

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Mineral Drilling, Lease & Royalties Tracker

Author: Eli Byrnes | 12 Downloads

This application allows you to track your Active and prospective Properties for tracking mineral dri ...

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Crude Oil: Leases, Wells, Projects, Production

Author: Eli Byrnes | 10 Downloads

Track your Projects, Leases, Wells, Daily Measurement to track Production and overflow, Lease Royalt ...

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Product Demo Tracking

Author: Colin Long | 9 Downloads

This app was designed to track a demo program for a food company. Demos are conducted in stores acro ...

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