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Apps tagged as 'Tracking'

Contract Maintenance Application

Author: Patrick Ahern | 253 Downloads

This app allows a company to track contracts relating to their customers(vendors). The user can easi ...

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Author: Phil Powis | 187 Downloads

Track expenses for budgeting purposes. Help the team stay on track. Use as a simple stand-alone app ...

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Equipment Tracker

Author: Phil Powis | 171 Downloads

The Equipment Tracker allows you to log in and view equipment that is available to assign to yoursel ...

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Jobs On The Go TASK Manager

Author: Candice Martey | 74 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application was submitted by one of Canada's leading national dist ...

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License Management

Author: lemon depass | 55 Downloads

This app is for anyone who needs to manage software license distribution to a team. Add new license ...

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Serial Number Assignment Example

Author: Phil Powis | 47 Downloads

This app shows how to have a structure by which you can only assign one serial number to one custome ...

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Bug Tracking 2.0

Author: Darin T. | 31 Downloads

Keep track of issues and solutions. ...

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Billing and Expense Tracking

Author: Jared St. Croix | 29 Downloads

Helps track and auto-calculate billing and expenses for teams. Tables can be done by month or by yea ...

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Holiday Gift Planner

Author: Phil Powis | 24 Downloads

What it Does This holiday gift tracking application makes it simple to plan, track, and budget for ...

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Proposal Tracking

Author: Kandi Begue | 23 Downloads

Resource for tracking and managing proposals ****Notes from the Curator**** This is a simple two ...

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PTG Attendance Documentation

Author: Erika Marie Dunnington | 10 Downloads

All attendance conversations/notifications should be tracked here ...

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Basic Exception Tracking

Author: Alicia Preston | 7 Downloads

Track exceptions to various policies and procedures within your company. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR ...

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Product Demo Tracking

Author: Colin Long | 6 Downloads

This app was designed to track a demo program for a food company. Demos are conducted in stores acr ...

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Conversion Tracking

Author: Sterling Crawford | 4 Downloads

Control and monitor delivery of your projects to keep your team on time and under budget with this p ...

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State Lobbying Reporting Tracker

Author: Victoria Lewis | 3 Downloads

Manage your state lobby reporting. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is a basic two table app for ...

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Leaders Tracking App

Author: Isabel L. | 3 Downloads

This is app to keep track of customers that are assigned to specific agents to contact throughout th ...

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Tech Team Projects

Author: Zygmunt Wyka | 2 Downloads

Tech Team Tracking ...

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