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Apps tagged as 'Support'

ABC Customer Request Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 2,302 Downloads

ABC Customer Request Tracker keeps track of web requests without being a QuickBase user. Customers, ...

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Support Customers

Author: Quick Base | 2,164 Downloads

Organize, prioritize and engage with customers on support requests to ensure accurate and timely res ...

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Customer Service Help Desk

Author: Quick Base | 1,804 Downloads

Manage customer calls and create support tickets to solve customer issues. Track average handle ti ...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Author: Quick Base | 1,681 Downloads

Gain valuable perspective on the customer experience with this customizable survey app. Provide a l ...

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Simple Customer Service Tracker

Author: Quick Base | 1,387 Downloads

View the historical phone calls, emails, and important documents for a customer all in one central l ...

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Essentials Customer Service Help Desk

Author: Isaiah Morris | 463 Downloads

Essentials compliant. Manage customer calls and create support tickets to solve customer issues. T ...

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Customer Support

Author: Phil Gross | 329 Downloads

Customer Support helps you and customer service representatives track customer inquiries and ensure ...

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Inbound Call Tracking

Author: Phil Gross | 172 Downloads

Use this QuickBase to assign incoming calls to sales reps, and ensure every lead is contacted. ...

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Essential Support Customers

Author: Kristin Godoy | 162 Downloads

This is the essential ready version of Support Customers. Organize, prioritize and engage with cust ...

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Incident Tracking With Knowledge Base Flow

Author: Phil Powis | 111 Downloads

This application features SLA Tracking (with variable SLA depending on brand and severity), as well ...

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Hosting & Support Requests

Author: Matt Hart | 104 Downloads

This application auto-sends emails to one of two support people, depending on the request type. It h ...

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Technical Escalation Database

Author: Yves Talbot | 55 Downloads

The Technical Escalation Database tracks and communicates customer issues that are unable to be solv ...

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Installation Aging System

Author: Mike Vaughn | 36 Downloads

This application tracks installation appointments to install a product at a customer's location. ...

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Self Directed Customer Management

Author: Pamela Crumpler | 28 Downloads

The Consultant/Support Broker portal helps case managers track data as it relates to the members the ...

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Submission Tier 3 Tracking

Author: David Garr | 25 Downloads

This QuickBase allows Tier 3 agents to track and report on escalations from Tier 1, 2, 3, and other ...

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HR Answers

Author: Courtney Sandlin | 23 Downloads

This app is based off of the internal HR support system that Intuit has set up. It is a bit less rob ...

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COVID-19 Community Help Center

Author: Leanne Snoeck | 19 Downloads

Help remote workers stay connected to their work and client communities. Use this app to support em ...

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