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Apps tagged as 'Marketing'

Marketing All-In-One

Author: Quick Base | 1,123 Downloads

Includes Marketing Programs, Customer References, Collateral and Press Releases all in one easy-to-s ...

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Email Marketing Contact List Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 286 Downloads

This application was designed to keep track of Names, Email Addresses, and group them by different M ...

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Title Company Marketing Contact Manager

Author: AJ Campani | 274 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application is a version of Simple Contact Manager with very subtl ...

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Marketing Programs Management

Author: Tom Grubb | 190 Downloads

Manage all of your marketing programs in one place where you can share and see your marketing plans ...

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Product Information Center

Author: Karen Meier | 161 Downloads

This application can be the central repository for product collateral and information. It contains ...

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Social Media Campaign Tracker

Author: Justin Lapier | 104 Downloads

A simple application that was created to track all social media campaigns, their impressions, and th ...

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Marketing Program Tracking

Author: Kathleen Lamphier | 100 Downloads

This application is used by the QuickBase team to track marketing campaigns. It includes fields to ...

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Marketing Launch Central

Author: Nade Murray | 69 Downloads

This application is a derivation of the manage multiple projects targeted towards marketing projects ...

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Editorial Calendar

Author: Michelle Rau | 67 Downloads

A QuickBase that tracks featured articles, readership, categories and other data to help editors pla ...

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Marketing Manager

Author: Noah M. | 59 Downloads

***Notes from the Curator*** This application is a modified version of the popular "Marketing All-I ...

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Marketing Campaigns

Author: Keith Dugas | 58 Downloads

This app is meant to improve collaboration between Marketing and Sales. Marketing and Sales can prop ...

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Customer Phone Interview Log

Author: Lisa Rogers | 53 Downloads

This is a Quickbase we used to record the results of telephone interviews with customers. It's been ...

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Event Management

Author: Eli Byrnes | 39 Downloads

Event Management, Surveys, Registration Costs, Registration Attendees, etc ***Note from Curator*** ...

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In-House Marketing Project App

Author: David R. | 29 Downloads

A simple project management app geared towards teams producing in-house marketing projects. ...

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TOF Documents

Author: Richard C. Green | 16 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Upload, ...

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Managing Pilot Customers and Payment Transactions

Author: Hung T Phan | 13 Downloads

This application allows users to manage a set of customers from sign ups from an A/B/C test, and pay ...

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Sales Campaigns

Author: Jim Lieder | 13 Downloads

Records Sales Activities related to Sales Campaigns. Records customer commitments towards campaigns ...

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Tweet Tracker

Author: Matt S. | 13 Downloads

Demo project to track tweets that contain specific hashtags ...

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Product Demo Tracking

Author: Colin Long | 6 Downloads

This app was designed to track a demo program for a food company. Demos are conducted in stores acr ...

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