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Apps tagged as 'Leads'

Manage Your Sales Team

Author: Quick Base | 1,466 Downloads

Manage Your Sales Team will help you track your Sales Reps and Activities, Opportunities, Contacts a ...

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Lead Management

Author: Phil Gross | 389 Downloads

If you don't really need an all-in one sales system, our lead management system is great for importi ...

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Title Company Marketing Contact Manager

Author: AJ Campani | 279 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application is a version of Simple Contact Manager with very subtl ...

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Project Product Management incl. Inventory

Author: Elise Orr | 194 Downloads

This application will allow you to track your projects and sales all in one place! ...

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Recruiting Lead Tracker

Author: Mark Howard | 129 Downloads

Import leads from marketing databases or trade shows, then assign them to outbound sales reps for fo ...

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PortfolioMinder Lead Generation

Author: Mike Wolff | 118 Downloads

This database stores lead generation information submitted through Portfoliominder marketing web sit ...

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Tenant Leads

Author: Phil Powis | 100 Downloads

Simple app for managing tenant leads ...

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CRM and Team Management

Author: Elise Orr | 89 Downloads

This application will allow you to track clients, which territory the are in, all client activities ...

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