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Apps tagged as 'Hr'

Vacation Calendar

Author: Kathy Marohl | 3,103 Downloads

I have created a Time Off Calendar so that you can record scheduled time away from the office, i.e. ...

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Manage Performance Reviews

Author: Quick Base | 1,659 Downloads

Schedule annual and midyear reviews for your employees. Collect peer feedback and self-reviews, and ...

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Resource Allocation Planning

Author: Sky McCormick | 715 Downloads

This is a resource allocation planning and reporting tool. It tracks individuals and projects and w ...

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Recruiting Requisitions Template

Author: Quick Base | 480 Downloads

Give HR a way to track open, past and planned job requisitions ...

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Recruitment Tracker

Author: Chris Baker | 380 Downloads

This app is for recruiting agencies that want to track requisitions for multiple companies. It trac ...

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Out of the Office Tracker

Author: Kenneth Barnes | 326 Downloads

This tracks team members who will be out of the office. It has a nice timeline view to help adjust ...

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New Hire On-boarding

Author: Cameron Munger | 301 Downloads

Leverage the copy master detail button to track template on-boarding steps for all new hires! ...

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Time Off Request Tracker

Author: Paul Mueller | 289 Downloads

Tracks time off requests for shift employees that absolutely must be around. This app only has the o ...

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Talent Acquisition Events Calendar

Author: Erin Lacey | 230 Downloads

This is a calendar for all of Talent Acquisition (TA). Normally, it is populated by pulling in cale ...

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HR Recuitment Tracker

Author: Siddharth Ram | 192 Downloads

Track incoming resumes and hiring status in a searchable database; sort by occupation and location, ...

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HR WorkFlow QB Edition

Author: Phil Powis | 184 Downloads

This app tracks the termination process of employees within an organization. It provides a workflow ...

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ABC HR Case Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 128 Downloads

Human Resource organizations can now track all the details of their case requests with ABC HR Case M ...

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Employee Performance Tracker

Author: Nathan Kane | 122 Downloads

Track goals, accomplishments, skills, and reviews. ...

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Resource Allocation

Author: Mark Winter | 103 Downloads

An app for tracking company initiatives and resources available to use towards those initiatives. ...

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HR Recruitment Application

Author: Phi Nguyen | 83 Downloads

This Quickbase app helps you track your incoming applicants, refer new applicants, track the progres ...

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Customizable HR Database

Author: Lisa Millette | 83 Downloads

Simple employee tracker to manage hire dates, termination dates, emergency contacts, medical informa ...

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ABC Employee Skill Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 68 Downloads

This application tracks employees and their skills providing separate dashboards for administrators ...

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Skill or Talent Repository

Author: Narendra N Ratnakaram | 45 Downloads

Maintain a list of every resource at your disposal, including experience and capabilities. ...

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Unstructured Time Tracker

Author: Logan Probst | 35 Downloads

Track and manage your company's unstructured time participants. ...

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Learning & Development Course Logistics

Author: Christina Nystrom | 31 Downloads

This app tracks logistics and courses for employee development. It allows anyone to request a new c ...

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Open Requisition Status Report

Author: Debra Laflin | 21 Downloads

The Open Requisition Status Report QuickBase was created so the Talent Acquisition group has a centr ...

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Essentials Manage Performance Reviews

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 19 Downloads

Schedule annual and midyear reviews for your employees. Collect peer feedback and self-reviews, and ...

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HR Answers

Author: Courtney Sandlin | 16 Downloads

This app is based off of the internal HR support system that Intuit has set up. It is a bit less ro ...

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Test HR People App

Author: Rakip Bebo | 16 Downloads

Test HR app that contains Employee Records, PTO/Vacation Tracker as well as Performance reviews. ...

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Emergency Response Team

Author: Krishnamurthy B | 13 Downloads

An app for planning preparing emergency procedures for office locations. ...

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APD Customer Care Quarterly Incentive FY13-Q2

Author: Quick Base | 11 Downloads

A finance-driven app that tracks events, training, and quarterly sales incentives. ...

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Performance Reviews - Quick Start

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 10 Downloads

Download this template application to get started with continuous performance management in Quick Ba ...

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