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Apps tagged as 'Formula Url'

Javascript Popup Examples

Author: Phil Powis | 747 Downloads

This app demonstrates how to use Formula URL fields in conjunction with javascript to create three d ...

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Tutorial: One Click Button for Outlook Email

Author: Phil Powis | 479 Downloads

This is an example app that shows you how to use a formula URL link to construct a valid Mailto: lin ...

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Edit Record With Javascript Button

Author: Phil Powis | 315 Downloads

This app shows how to edit a text field on a form by leveraging a JavaScript prompt. This is created ...

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Forms Demo

Author: Phil Powis | 237 Downloads

If you want to use multiple forms, acessible by a button press, use this example. ...

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Delete Record Javascript Button Example

Author: Phil Powis | 133 Downloads

This app demonstrates how to create a formula URL button that leverages javascript to delete the rec ...

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Two Form Data Entry Application Example

Author: Phil Powis | 105 Downloads

This is a one table application that shows how to create a formula URL button to open a specific add ...

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Google Lookup Button

Author: Phil Powis | 79 Downloads

With the addition of the new Google Maps Report Type, this trick might not be needed as often, but I ...

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Snippet Example: Custom Add Similar Button

Author: Phil Powis | 43 Downloads

One of the things that I tended to hear a lot in support was the need to add TARGETED "add similar" ...

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