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Apps tagged as 'Formula'

EMPOWER2019: Advanced Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 293 Downloads

If you utilize simple formulas, recognize their power, and want to take your formula skills to the n ...

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Empower 2020: Advanced Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 177 Downloads

Would you like to transform your data using native capabilities? Relying on years of customersâ dire ...

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EMPOWER 2018: Intro to Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 144 Downloads

Used in conjunction with the Basic Formulas slide deck from Empower 2018. ...

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Delete Record Javascript Button Example

Author: Phil Powis | 133 Downloads

This app demonstrates how to create a formula URL button that leverages javascript to delete the rec ...

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Project Count Formula Example

Author: Kristin Godoy | 52 Downloads

Create a project ID that resets back to 1 each year. Use this application to learn the technique and ...

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Display Birth Date Without Year

Author: Phil Powis | 29 Downloads

A simple formula to display a birth date without the year using Left() function. ...

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Most Recent Update Demo

Author: Phil Powis | 16 Downloads

When a client wants to display the most recent update from an append-style field, use this as your g ...

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