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Apps tagged as 'Finance'


Author: Phil Powis | 1,310 Downloads

This app will allow you to track invoices. You can attach supporting documents for later reference. ...

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Marketing PO and Invoice Tracker

Author: Kathleen Lamphier | 392 Downloads

This application is used by the QuickBase team to track POs and Invoices for our marketing programs. ...

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Accounts Receivable and Collections Tracking

Author: Eli Byrnes | 350 Downloads

Track, manage and account for all collection related items. All outages are considered tickets and t ...

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Expense Report Manager

Author: Dawn nicolosi | 342 Downloads

Single table application to manage expense report submissions. It includes multiple views to track v ...

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Contract Maintenance Application

Author: Patrick Ahern | 332 Downloads

This app allows a company to track contracts relating to their customers(vendors). The user can easi ...

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Author: Phil Powis | 205 Downloads

Track expenses for budgeting purposes. Help the team stay on track. Use as a simple stand-alone appl ...

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Departmental Budget Manager

Author: Adam Hoover | 184 Downloads

An application to help manage and approve budgets for each Fiscal Year ...

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Simple Expense Manager

Author: Pradeep Kaushik | 181 Downloads

A simple app for managing expenses. ...

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Banking Administration

Author: Kathy Marohl | 179 Downloads

This application is used by the Intuit financial department to track bank accounts, contacts and sig ...

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Top Company Payroll 1.0

Author: Felton Faucher | 178 Downloads

Sample payroll app, it still has some kinks, but it is a concept which can work. ***Note from the C ...

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Family Office Investments Database

Author: Greg Robin | 147 Downloads

This application is designed to help family office entities manage clients, investments and investme ...

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Revenue Tracker

Author: Mendy Peugh | 104 Downloads

This application tracks product revenue from assigned accounts. It is used by Intuit tax products an ...

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Construction Loan Mgmt

Author: Eli Byrnes | 102 Downloads

This application allows you to track Construction Loans, Loan Fees, Builders, Scheduled Draw, Projec ...

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Personal Budgets

Author: Eric Diaz | 91 Downloads

Track and manage your personal budgets using this simple app. It has mobile friendly buttons and rep ...

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Business Trip Expense Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 83 Downloads

Track Business trips, and all related expenses. Management has the ability to approve trips, and the ...

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Currency Exchange Rates

Author: Natalya Waye | 72 Downloads

Looking for a tool to convert USD to any other currency? Well then you've come to the right place! ...

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Daily Sales Log

Author: Justin Lapier | 64 Downloads

Track daily sales, forecast, and profit/loss by group. ...

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Bank Systems

Author: Kathy Marohl | 58 Downloads

This application is used to manage a company's bank systems and the individuals (contacts) that use ...

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Project Manager Starter

Author: Quick Base | 27 Downloads

Track projects and tasks with this easy to use, yet fully featured project management app. Itâs simp ...

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Project BRM Extractor

Author: Thejasvi Aswathanarayana | 24 Downloads

About the BRM Customer Data Extractor: In BRM, time-based testing is an approach used to test BRM f ...

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APD Customer Care Quarterly Incentive FY13-Q2

Author: Quick Base | 14 Downloads

A finance-driven app that tracks events, training, and quarterly sales incentives. ...

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Banking Services App

Author: Elise Orr | 13 Downloads

This app is built to help track members, their branches, services. ****NOTES FROM CURATOR**** Com ...

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Asset Management Starter

Author: Quick Base | 10 Downloads

Log and maintain a database of all the Assets within the company. Track the location and status, a ...

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