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Apps tagged as 'Feedback'

Team Training

Author: Jason DeVincentis | 389 Downloads

This is a simple document library application to track training documents as well as feedback regard ...

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The Feedback App

Author: Nathan Underwood | 335 Downloads

Otherwise known as "FeedbApp"! Retooling an app and making iterations to enhance it over time is ...

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Appointment Tracker

Author: Sybil Shearin | 261 Downloads

Use this app to schedule appointments with students, track student and course data, enter expenses, ...

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Essential Management of Performance Reviews

Author: Kristie McGhee | 170 Downloads

This is the essential plan ready version of Manage Performance Reviews. Schedule annual and midyear ...

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External Feedback

Author: Sybil Shearin | 134 Downloads

This app that lets you collect feedback from people who are not already QuickBase users. Roles and p ...

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Voting App

Author: Eloyse Ellerman | 104 Downloads

Voters can each cast one vote for a candidate. They cannot add candidates, and they can't see how ot ...

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Knowledge (KM) & Feedback System

Author: Greg Robin | 91 Downloads

This application was developed to help a marketing department in a Fortune 500 company deploy a "kno ...

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Team Buzz

Author: Phil Powis | 73 Downloads

Team Buzz is an application that logs hot issues, requests and suggestions and then surveys and quan ...

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Show Feedback

Author: first | 47 Downloads

Provide a link to the survey on an email notification, make it available on your website, or send it ...

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QuickBase Feedback Excellence by VeilSun

Author: James Cosman | 40 Downloads

This application helps you capture, approve, plan, and manage feedback on multiple QuickBase applica ...

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Peer Review Feedback

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 27 Downloads

An easy way to give feedback during annual reviews in your company. All entries are setup to be anon ...

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Simple Customer Inquiries

Author: Justin Lapier | 15 Downloads

This application allows you to track your customers, their inquiries, and then assign those to indiv ...

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Rep Submissions - Document Storage

Author: Elise Orr | 13 Downloads

This application will allow your consultant to submit ideas for help documents. It is also designed ...

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Feedback for Cafeteria Services

Author: Milan Thakker | 2 Downloads

Your opinions are the only measure to success. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** An easy to use one tabl ...

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Co-browse Agent Feedback

Author: Kevaughn Elliott | 2 Downloads

This app was created to capture all agent feedback from the Co-browse test. Notes from the Curator: ...

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