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Apps tagged as 'Events'

Product Marketing Management

Author: Trey Donaldson | 312 Downloads

In this QuickBase, you can manage products including their marketing events and contacts is the rele ...

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Entity & Event Management Portal

Author: Kristie McGhee | 184 Downloads

Track Entities and the Events scheduled. This application has the ability to Import Standard To-Dos ...

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Event Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 138 Downloads

Template application for managing association, company or non-profit events. The format can be cha ...

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Student Event Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 128 Downloads

Track Parents and Students. Track upcoming Performances, Fundraisers & Attendance. ...

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Event Conference Manager

Author: Jennifer Rice | 119 Downloads

Quickly access the information you need to optimize your involvement in industry events and conferen ...

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Donor and Gift Management

Author: Lori Woolworth | 60 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application was submitted by a non-profit organization that sells ...

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Restaurant Management

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 54 Downloads

Track the facilities events, available rooms and customer payments as well as your vendors and order ...

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Event Management Attendee Check In

Author: Helen Brosnan | 54 Downloads

Event Check In Tool ...

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Event Management

Author: Eli Byrnes | 52 Downloads

Event Management, Surveys, Registration Costs, Registration Attendees, etc ***Note from Curator*** ...

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Event Contact Manager

Author: Isaiah Morris | 34 Downloads

The Event Contact Manager helps you manage upcoming and past events. It gives you the capability to ...

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Member Management

Author: Carolina Pardo | 30 Downloads

Manage your members in your nonprofit organization ...

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Office Potluck Organizer

Author: Justin Lapier | 30 Downloads

Track Office Potluck events, and what everyone is bringing to those events. ...

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Booking Agency - Act Tracking

Author: Elise Orr | 22 Downloads

This application is meant to help a book agent keep track of agencies they deal with, the acts, thei ...

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COVID-19 Community Help Center

Author: Leanne Snoeck | 21 Downloads

Help remote workers stay connected to their work and client communities. Use this app to support em ...

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Recruitment Projects

Author: Phil Powis | 18 Downloads

A Project Management System centered around managing recruiting for educational institutions. ...

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Disc Jockey Event and Song Coordinator

Author: Justin Lapier | 13 Downloads

DJs can easily catalog their songs by artist, book, and page number. Track all events in a calendar ...

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