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Apps tagged as 'Customers'

ABC Project Manager 3

Author: Kirk Trachy | 9,982 Downloads

OUR MOST POPULAR PROJECT MANAGER VERSION - We have added resources and time cards to the robust ABC ...

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ABC Project Manager 4

Author: Kirk Trachy | 2,406 Downloads

Billing is the key differentiator in this application. Built with all the features and functions of ...

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ABC Project Manager 2

Author: Kirk Trachy | 2,283 Downloads

For those who like the simplicity of ABC Project Manager 1 but wish it had a contact manager and doc ...

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Manage Your Sales Team

Author: Quick Base | 1,468 Downloads

Manage Your Sales Team will help you track your Sales Reps and Activities, Opportunities, Contacts a ...

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Author: Quick Base | 978 Downloads

Maintain a detailed list of customers, whether they are leads, in the sales pipeline, previous custo ...

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Basic Accounting Application

Author: Justin Lapier | 788 Downloads

Basic Accounting application that allows you to track balances of Bank and Credit Card Accounts, Cus ...

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Contract Maintenance Application

Author: Patrick Ahern | 341 Downloads

This app allows a company to track contracts relating to their customers(vendors). The user can easi ...

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Email Marketing Contact List Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 305 Downloads

This application was designed to keep track of Names, Email Addresses, and group them by different M ...

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Customer Research: Interview Notes

Author: Elizabeth McCann | 187 Downloads

Detailed notes from phone calls with paying customers. Interviews conducted in certain period. ...

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Essential Support Customers

Author: Kristin Godoy | 163 Downloads

This is the essential ready version of Support Customers. Organize, prioritize and engage with cust ...

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Advanced Project Manager Starter

Author: Quick Base | 143 Downloads

Track projects and tasks with this easy to use, yet fully-featured project management app. Itâs an i ...

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Complete Sales Manager with Basic Commissions

Author: Kristin Godoy | 116 Downloads

Sales Managers can take control of their Rep's monthly commission reports. This app uses a monthly c ...

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NPS Program Dashboard

Author: Tommy To | 76 Downloads

This QB application has been designed to intake customer satisfaction survey and calculates the net ...

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Sales Support CRM

Author: Mike Vaughn | 61 Downloads

Capture incoming requests and track them as they are assigned to resources and completed. ...

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Transactional Net Promoter Surveys

Author: Justin Lapier | 61 Downloads

This application allows customers to submit surveys based on interactions with representatives. It a ...

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Project Manager Starter

Author: Quick Base | 58 Downloads

Track projects and tasks with this easy to use, yet fully featured project management app. Itâs simp ...

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General Installation Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 47 Downloads

General application structure for Installations. ...

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Waste Management Pick Up Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 28 Downloads

Track your Customers and the Trash Services provided to them. ...

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Simple Customer Inquiries

Author: Justin Lapier | 15 Downloads

This application allows you to track your customers, their inquiries, and then assign those to indiv ...

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Engine Unit Ticket Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 11 Downloads

Manage customer calls and create support tickets to solve customer issues. This application was desi ...

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