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Apps tagged as 'Contacts'

Simple Contact Manager

Author: Quick Base | 12,731 Downloads

It's time to connect with the right people at the right times. With this simple contact management s ...

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Author: Quick Base | 2,224 Downloads

Manage a centralized list of contacts for your team to update contact information and view historica ...

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Manage Your Sales Team

Author: Quick Base | 1,419 Downloads

Manage Your Sales Team will help you track your Sales Reps and Activities, Opportunities, Contacts a ...

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Contact Manager

Author: Phil Gross | 1,245 Downloads

Access your contact database from anywhere. Easily import/export data from Microsoft Outlook. ...

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Team Complete Contact Manager

Author: Kristie McGhee | 613 Downloads

Track your company's ongoing relationship with companies and contacts with this Essential Plan Ready ...

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Team Members

Author: Quick Base | 474 Downloads

Manage a centralized list of team members for to stay on top of their contact information. Use this ...

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Salesforce Lite (CRM) for QuickBase

Author: Greg Robin | 459 Downloads

This QuickBase allows an organization to track sales and support items with Company accounts. ...

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Essential Project Manager

Author: Kristie McGhee | 410 Downloads

This is the essential version of the popular Project Manager Plus. Control and monitor delivery of ...

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Product Marketing Management

Author: Trey Donaldson | 306 Downloads

In this QuickBase, you can manage products including their marketing events and contacts is the rele ...

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Email Marketing Contact List Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 286 Downloads

This application was designed to keep track of Names, Email Addresses, and group them by different M ...

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Sales Contracts

Author: Phil Gross | 277 Downloads

Provides a central place to keep track of existing Sales Contracts. ...

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ABC Contact Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 194 Downloads

Simple single table contacts database. Can be used by itself or used to build onto. Track contacts, ...

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Sales Activity Manager with Revenue

Author: Noel Kerns | 177 Downloads

A tool for tracking the sales activities and revenue of a sales team. ...

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Customizable HR Database

Author: Lisa Millette | 83 Downloads

Simple employee tracker to manage hire dates, termination dates, emergency contacts, medical informa ...

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Customer Relationship Manager

Author: Quick Base | 69 Downloads

This fully customizable app, one of many starter apps available in QuickBase, demonstrates how you c ...

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Bank Systems

Author: Kathy Marohl | 57 Downloads

This application is used to manage a company's bank systems and the individuals (contacts) that use ...

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Contacts Manager | Companies Offices Contacts

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 56 Downloads

This is a very basic starting point for any application. It has a companies table, offices table, an ...

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Business Directory

Author: Phil Powis | 34 Downloads

Display a directory of all the businesses. Users can view business details and filter by category. ...

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Event Contact Manager

Author: Isaiah Morris | 28 Downloads

The Event Contact Manager helps you manage upcoming and past events. It gives you the capability to ...

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Self Directed Customer Management

Author: Pamela Crumpler | 27 Downloads

The Consultant/Support Broker portal helps case managers track data as it relates to the members the ...

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One Table: Contacts

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 10 Downloads

A contacts table you can use to quickly get started. ...

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Internal Contact Distribution Manager

Author: Kristie McGhee | 7 Downloads

Track the Contacts that are assigned to each Sales Consultants internally. Helps to maintain even di ...

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Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 2 Downloads

Sometimes you just need something simple to expand on. This app has just one table for contacts. ...

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