Team task management for better results.

Easily track the status of projects with team task management software.

Say goodbye to status meetings and emails.

Are you juggling competing tasks and an ever-growing team to-do list? Break down large goals and projects into manageable pieces, attach files, and set due dates with Quick Base’s task project management capabilities. End the spreadsheet chaos and bring sanity back into your workday by being able to easily track overall progress and individual contributions. Help you and your team stay on top of commitments by showing personalized, online to-do lists and real-time results.

Oversee and manage tasks with ease.

With Quick Base task project management capabilities you can:

  • Actively prompt team members with alerts, reminders, and notifications.
  • Speed up progress by highlighting assigned tasks, dependencies, approaching deadlines and project statuses.
  • Add any task into multiple projects to meet your needs.
  • Track anything important to you whether it’s leads, contracts or assets.
  • Check progress by easily seeing when changes are made or new tasks are added.