Adjustable, shareable project status dashboards.

Easily visualize progress to maintain the pace.

Keep stakeholders on the same page.

With Quick Base, you can easily customize and share interactive project management dashboards to provide insights into your data—and eliminate unexpected surprises or unknowns. Get real-time visibility into project schedules, financials, and trends.

Our project status dashboards can be private or shared, and they are dynamic so you’ll automatically stay up-to-date. Enable your team to act upon real-time, accurate information, allowing for fast and accurate decision making to drive a more competitive business.  

Tailor the view.

With a few clicks you can create project status dashboards and customize widgets that enable you to securely share the right information with your team, executives, employees, vendors, and partners.

  • Our project management dashboards are interactive so you can click any element and drill down for more details.
  • Your team can filter, group, search, and modify dashboards or create their own with a simple report builder.
  • Customize colors and structure data the way you want. Choose from chart types including pie, bar, line, funnel, bubble, gauge and more.