Project management timelines for staying on schedule.

Keep organized with a detailed project plan.

Visualize the journey.

Timelines are a handy way to graphically represent any task or project that has a start and end date. Quick Base project management timelines enable you to create a visual report that lets you view your project schedule, including dependencies and milestones. Make real-time updates as conditions change to keep your team on track.

Our project management timeline tool runs in the cloud, so you can access your timeline schedule on any desktop, mobile device or tablet.  

Zero in on what you want to see.

Quick Base project management timelines give you the flexibility to tailor the view however you want.

  • Determine the time increments you want to use in your project plan timeline. Choose whether you want to use calendar year or your fiscal year.
  • Decide if you want to include milestones in your timeline or not.
  • Select the total period of time for viewing and reporting.
  • Choose nested timelines if desired.