Create fully customizable project management apps.

Easily create a project management app exactly the way you want.

Unlimited customization, endless possibilities.

Every project, team and business is different. Yet some project management tools make you compromise and change the way you work. With Quick Base there are no limits to customization. Our cloud-based project management software makes it easy to create your own web-based app from scratch using simple menus, a visual editor, and an intuitive app-building approach that focuses on point and click functionality.

With Quick Base you can manage your projects exactly as you need and follow your business process completely.

Create, customize and modify on the fly.

Tailor your solution to meet specific needs—from task driven features that help you monitor progress to process driven functionality that assists your team in moving a project forward. Quick Base empowers you to develop the best project management app possible for your exact requirements.

When your process changes, you can make modifications at any time to match how you work. Update in real-time without IT or coding.

What you can customize:

  • Appearance, including colors, navigation and images
  • Email notifications, reminders and alerts
  • Charts, reports, dashboards and widgets
  • Roles and permissions