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Find the best project management software for increasing team efficiency and productivity.

Connect teams and data everywhere.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clunky business systems. With Quick Base’s online project management software, you can eliminate manual tasks and keep your team working on what matters most. Bring people and processes together within a secure, integrated workspace in the cloud. See how our project management tool enables better collaboration, data sharing, agility, and results. 

Collaboration Features

Have it your way.

The power to customize is in your hands. Unlike other systems that force you to align your business process or project with the application, our cloud-based project management software can be easily molded to fit your exact business needs, without coding or IT support.

Quickly create tasks, track time and budget, and manage documents exactly how it makes sense for your business. Everything can be configured to mirror the way your team works. Set up forms, fields, tables, reports, dashboards, and other features with point and click simplicity. Quick Base makes it easy for you to have the perfect project management solution that maps to your requirements.

Create a Custom Project Management App

    Unleash the power of real-time visibility.

    Our project tracking software gives you real-time insights so you can see any aspect of project progress without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email. View projects at-a-glance or dive into the details. Make informed decisions and easily share data with a few clicks.

    Quick Base has automated notifications, reminders, and reports that keep everyone and everything on track. Get a clear view of action items and milestones. Spot issues and obstacles before they even occur. All this visibility helps you and your team stay on course to meet delivery deadlines and drive better outcomes. 

    Project Portfolio Features