The Project Management Platform Designed For Construction

Effectively manage your construction projects through reliable, up-to-date insights with Quickbase.

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Stay on-time & on-budget, keep your construction projects on track, and adapt quickly with project management software — whether you're in the office or on-site.

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See and Connect Your Data At Every Stage

Quickbase is designed to help you see, connect, and control your complex projects at every stage.

As a construction project management platform, it gives you visibility into your various ongoing projects, allows you to build custom applications without using code, and is optimized to tackle the complex challenges that your team faces in the construction industry.

Integrates With Your Existing Solutions

Quickbase integrates with Autodesk
Quickbase integrates with Microsoft Office
Quickbase integrates with Oracle
Quickbase integrates with Procore
Quickbase integrates with Sage

Centralize & Streamline Your Critical Processes

Construction project management software helps to reduce ambiguity for entire teams, improve client visibility, and improve your business relationships. By spending less time on documentation — and more time on the construction projects at hand — you'll maximize your ability to get projects done on budget and on time.

Quickbase does that in one central source of truth for all your teams, so you can confidently send teams into the field, knowing that they're equipped with the right information.

Improve Efficiency Throughout Every Project

When you build applications to the specs required for your unique project, you'll spend less time on administrative tasks — like data entry and updating reports — and more time on effective team and project management.

With a construction project management platform like Quickbase, your team can solve sequencing problems in real time, move past manual workflows, and keep complex information organized. Easily connect the right people at the right time, make sure everyone is working with up-to-date information, and keep your clients informed & happy.

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Manage Complex Construction Information In One Place

Quickbase is designed to integrate with your existing tools and resources. Data is centralized into one platform, making it easier to access information and streamline all of your processes.

Work Order Management

Seamlessly process work orders, assign workers to tasks, and manage updates

Safety & Incident Tracking

Manage & reduce risk, maintain EHS compliance, and keep your field teams safe

Asset Tracking

Manage inventory, supply chain, and procurement from one central location
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Client Management

Coordinate relationships and maintain transparency across vendors & clients

Loved By Customers

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Bob Salaj from Lighthouse Electric discussing Quickbase

How Lighthouse Electric Simplifies & Standardizes Its System

Lighthouse Electric was looking to optimize business operations, and found that Quickbase could connect all levels of the organization and get information to the right people in real time. Since first using Quickbase, Lighthouse Electric has built more than 20 integrated, process-enhancing applications that have helped to modernize and standardize the business.

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Quickbase is now supporting almost everything, integrating departments, and driving an information revolution that is a real game changer in differentiating us in this industry.

Robert Salaj
Director of Operational Excellence at Lighthouse Electric