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How To Choose Construction Project Scheduling Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
September 27, 2023
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Effective scheduling can bring construction projects in on time and within budget, while poorly executed scheduling inevitably results in delays and cost overruns. Scheduling takes coordination across teams, businesses, and physical and digital resources. Choosing the right construction project scheduling software is key. Superior software automates the processes of developing realistic schedules, creating budgets, allocating resources, assigning tasks, identifying conflicts, and monitoring progress and deadlines – all while eliminating errors and facilitating clear communication.

The key to choosing exceptional construction project planning software is to look for a solution that can be customized to the needs of your firm, your teams, and each individual project. That’s where Quickbase can help. Our platform offers the ability to manage work across organizations, assets, and processes, no matter how complex or dynamic. Quickbase’s no-code development tools and pre-configured solutions for construction management enable your teams to easily solve complex challenges and support the workflows that are unique to your business.

What to look for in scheduling software

When choosing a project management tool for construction, these capabilities are essential to providing your teams with everything they need to increase efficiency and ensure success.

  • Automated processes. The biggest advantage of construction project scheduling software is the ability to automate many routine, tedious, error-prone manual tasks that comprise Gray Work. The more processes your software automates, the more time your team will have to spend on higher value tasks.

  • Easy integration. Construction projects involve a broad array of data sources that have traditionally been siloed. When your construction project scheduling software can integrate with existing data and technologies, your teams will benefit from comprehensive visibility into every phase of your project.

  • Consolidate communication. Because communication is key to effective scheduling, your solution should automate and facilitate communication with clients, teams, contractors, inspectors, and other essential parties. Tools that consolidate multiple communication channels and automatically send assignments, notifications, reminders, and warnings will dramatically reduce the workload for your management team.

  • Comprehensive tools. Ideally, your construction project scheduling software should integrate seamlessly with construction planner software, quality control tools, construction site management solutions, document management tools, and other technology required for effective construction management. A comprehensive solution allows your teams to manage everything from one dashboard, rather than bouncing between different applications.

  • Mobile access. The best software will make scheduling tools available anywhere, on any device. This enables your team to access the tools they need whether they’re in the office, on the road, or on a job site.

Construction project scheduling software for Quickbase

Quickbase provides no-code application development tools that let problem-solvers with any level of technical expertise build and customize complex software solutions. With Quickbase, users can easily create, connect, and customize applications to fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system.

Quickbase’s project management software for construction delivers significant benefits for construction management teams.

  • Centralized documentation. Quickbase consolidates contracts, agreements, work orders, bills, drawings, permits, and other documents in one place making it easy to find any document in seconds.

  • Real-time updates. Give team members and stakeholders immediate visibility into projects, progress, and resources.

  • Enhance productivity. Quickbase construction project scheduling software streamlines processes, ensures compliance on site, automates workflows, quickly addresses schedule changes, and improves communication across teams.

  • Improve work order management. Increase visibility of work orders across projects. Respond to work orders in real time and instantly see the financial impact of changes as they occur.

  • Achieve optimal resource allocation. Dig into workloads and use automation to dynamically allocate resources as project needs change.

  • Cut costs and maximize profits. Use accurate financial information to control every dollar in real time.

  • Simplify subcontractor management. Eliminate manual work and easily track contracts, vendor performance, certifications, and job quality.

  • Sync the field and the back office. Work between the field and office seamlessly, and share data across locations.

What else can you do with Quickbase?

In addition to construction management system software, the Quickbase platform offers software that solves problems and automates workflows in many different industries – from property management, real estate, and solar to manufacturing, healthcare, government, and more.

  • Project management tools automate workflows, processes, and tasks while providing 360° visibility into projects.

  • Resource managementand scheduling software provides custom solutions to balance workloads, reduce costs, and meet goals faster.

  • Budget and financial management solutions help track every dollar to cut costs and maximize profits.

  • Supply chain management applications simplify, standardize, and automate supply chain processes to increase reliability and scalability.

  • Field services tools track client and project information from any location, on any device.

  • Business process management tools enable businesses to continuously improve essential processes.

  • CRM and sales software centralizes data, securely integrates with existing systems, and evolves as the organization grows.

  • Real estate portfolio management solutions enable teams to manage all property and real estate information in one place.

  • Site selection & evaluation applications help businesses choose the right locations while closing visibility gaps and increasing confidence in growth decisions.

  • Contract management software simplifies management and organization of property agreements, leases, customer, and vendor contracts.

  • Training management tools manage training data in a central and secure location.

Why Quickbase?

Quickbase is the only fully customizable, no-code platform that empowers businesses to improve operations and collaboration through automation, real-time insights, and unmatched support. For experienced developers, Quickbase provides low-code development capabilities that increase productivity, ensure faster time to value, and eliminate much of the tediousness associated with traditional development techniques. For non-coders, Quickbase provides tools to build powerful solutions for complex processes and projects.

With 20+ years of experience pioneering no-code development, Quickbase has created a proven approach and a flexible governance model that keeps data safe while maintaining development best practices across the organization. A full set of enablement services and 24/7 customer support ensure successful development and deployment for organizations in any industry.


What is construction project scheduling software?

Construction project scheduling software automates and streamlines many aspects of creating, communicating, and managing schedules for construction projects.

What are the benefits of construction project scheduling software?

With the right construction project scheduling software, construction management teams can enhance efficiency, eliminate error, optimally allocate resources, produce more accurate quotes and estimates, minimize delays, and proactively manage risk.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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