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Quick Base empowers those closest to the work to automate and continuously improve business processes.

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Quick Base is the future of how work gets done.

With our application-building platform, anyone can create the tools they need to collect, track and analyze information easily. No coding required.

Solve a wide variety of business challenges.

Manage projects, service requests, supply chain, documents, and more. Build as many apps as you need.

Save time and accelerate your productivity.

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with our powerful, scalable, secure platform and get more done.

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Before Quick Base

Before Qb Graphic
  • You spend days centralizing data before you can report on it
  • You have to chase people down for approvals, orders, etc.
  • You waste time on mundane, repetitive, manual tasks
  • You're moving data between multiple spreadsheets
  • Information is siloed in scattered repositories

The list goes on and on...


After Quick Base

After Qb Graphic
  • The information you need is all in one place at your fingertips
  • Gain real-time visibility into projects and data
  • Enjoy operational rhythm and get more done
  • Save time by automating manual tasks
  • Share and collaborate effortlessly

Our happy customers

Quick Base makes thousands of businesses - big and small - more efficient and productive.

Start building an app.

Create cloud-based applications that do exactly what you want and — you don't have to be a developer to build them.

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Let us do the legwork.

Don't have the time or internal resources to build your own app? We have a network of experienced partners happy to help.

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