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Quickbase and FastField Forms: Seamlessly Connecting the Field and the Office

Written By: Ed Jennings
June 27, 2023
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At Empower, we laid out our bold vision to be the single platform for the Dynamic Enterprise – where companies will better see, connect, and control their most complex work. Business leaders can eliminate the ad-hoc processes outside of their systems that comprise “gray work” and bring together disconnected data, complex workflows, and distributed teams. With the increasingly remote and hybrid nature of work, distributed teams are becoming more complicated to manage, and it is more important than ever to keep people connected and on the same page, no matter the location. The reality is that people carry the same expectations from their consumer world and in-office days – instant information, customized applications, seamless integration – into their remote and mobile work lives as well. It’s all about continuing to get more done faster, anywhere.

But for companies seeking to connect their business with workers out in the field, this challenge is acutely felt. Field workers need to be able to access critical information, work on location effectively, and communicate key info such as safety inspections and timesheets back to the office in real time. Most importantly, they should be able to do so quickly and get back to their key work in the field without wasting time on manual data entry or coordination with the office. For business teams and the field, better coordination and connection saves time, eliminates gray work, and ultimately improves revenue.

Building on this vision, I’m thrilled to announce that Quickbase has acquired Merge Mobile, including its flagship product FastField Forms. With this acquisition, Quickbase is continuing to unlock a more dynamic workforce by integrating field and business operations. Quickbase has been invested in improving the mobile experience for our customers, with our improved mobile dashboards giving end-to-end visibility into projects. While these improvements have focused more on the business teams in the office, the powerful combination of Quickbase and FastField Forms brings that focus to field workers, seamlessly connecting your field and business operations.

With Quickbase and FastField Forms together, field workers will get the right information right when they need it, wherever they are working – letting them easily give the office what they need and get back to their work. With FastField Forms, companies will have easy mobile access to critical workflows and applications for field teams and users on-the-go, ensuring productivity anywhere, anytime. This is especially valuable for organizations in industries like manufacturing, supply chain, and construction – where lines of communication between field workers and the office are invaluable to success.

Here is what FastField Forms’ integration into Quickbase’s powerful platform will allow customers to achieve, and the challenges organizations can better solve:

Accomplish more in the field

Field teams can easily capture and annotate data in the field with the intuitive mobile solution integrated into Quickbase, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. Teams can now handle larger workloads without sacrificing accuracy or productivity to easily scale operations. This will allow teams to spend less time capturing and working with data, and more time focusing on the job at hand.

Drive better collaboration and boost customer satisfaction

Field data can also be integrated into Quickbase apps for better collaboration and informed decision-making. By consolidating data in one place, teams can analyze, report, and visualize trends across the business. With this streamlined communication between field and back-office teams, organizations can resolve issues faster, have quicker task dispatching, and improve customer service.

Enhance compliance and risk management

More accurate data from the field can help ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks. Central data and process management in Quickbase allows you to maintain a comprehensive record of field operations, and connecting with other business operations enables you to improve compliance, reduce risks, and meet industry standards more effectively. As we’ve seen with Quickbase customers like Consigli, worker safety and compliance involve adhering to rigorous standards – and better data can make that an easier issue to solve.

Becoming a Dynamic Enterprise means removing the siloed processes and disconnected systems that make challenges like field work more complicated and frustrating. Quickbase and FastField Forms are coming together so organizations can better work between the field and the rest of the business, and processes can be seamless and efficient - regardless of location.

Ed Jennings, CEO
Written By: Ed Jennings

Ed Jennings is the CEO of Quickbase.