Consigli Construction leverages Quickbase to solve complex projects

Consigli Construction, one of the largest employee-owned construction managers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, tackles complex projects that require precise planning, resource management, and detailed reporting.

Due to the sheer number and complexity of their projects, Consigli can’t rely on thousands of spreadsheets, disconnected systems, and manual updates to ensure they meet their own high standards — something they call the “Consigli way.”

Meeting their needs for project management, staffing, planning, safety requirements, project closeouts, and more means Consigli needs a single source-of-truth that can give their teams real-time access to the latest data so they can deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Consigli uses Quickbase as a central source of their critical information. The ability to customize the no-code platform to fit their needs for consolidated data from core systems into a single, transparent view has been crucial in empowering their teams

Quickbase allowed us to solve problems we’d already sort of solved, but not well. Then, it started solving other problems and took on a life of its own.
Anthony Chiaradonna
Anthony Chiaradonna
CIO, Consigli Construction

Safety isn't just checking a box

One of the many ways Consigli leverages Quickbase is helping the team meet their high safety standards.

Worker safety isn’t a challenge. It is an ever-present priority.
Anthony Chiaradonna
Anthony Chiaradonna
CIO, Consigli Construction

To demonstrate this ever-present priority, Consigli sets their internal goals extremely high — they want to be considered best-in-class when it comes to their OSHA safety compliance.

Meeting this rigorous standard requires robust reporting capabilities, streamlined integrations between crucial systems, a centralized source-of-truth for critical data, and the ability to create custom solutions for different jobs.

Before Quickbase, documenting safety processes meant mountains of paperwork and required in-person meetings. Each job needed its own safety orientation; workers were required to fill out and sign physical safety documentation; and OSHA-required safety lessons changed weekly meaning there couldn’t be a standard procedure.

The paperwork was piling up and there was no way to easily sort safety documentation, create reports, or track overall trends for Consigli’s safety program.

To meet their own internal rigorous standards, streamline safety procedures on the job site, and create flexible solutions for their different jobs Consigli turned to Quickbase to meet their needs.

Quickbase is an invaluable part of Consigli’s gold standard safety standards

The team at Consigli quickly created a solution with Quickbase to address safety on the job site and streamline safety documentation. Quickbase’s robust no-code platform enabled the team to create an application that met all their needs in under one month — allowing them to quickly see results.

Now, the field teams can scan a QR code at the front of each site, which pulls up a Quickbase form that workers can fill out on their devices in their car instead of forming a line in a cramped job-site office. This allows site supervisors to track who is on site and the necessary safety requirements. They can easily approve or reject if a person is qualified to be on site from their mobile device.

The Quickbase solution can be easily customized, as each client dictates unique worksite safety needs. As some sites require additional things like specific safety gear, or extra safety walks and quality checks, the solution must be flexible to adapt and meet the specifications of each job site.

Quickbase has removed the need for multiple variations of the same safety form, reducing clutter and inefficiencies in the safety process.

Quickbase provides Consigli with a flexible choice for safety reporting, giving the teams the ability to customize safety requirements, such as specific protective gear or extra quality checks — without additional paperwork.

Even though each job is unique, Consigli has full visibility into their data and can maintain safety processes across unique events. The flexibility of their application means the teams can easily add new safety requirements or documentation to any job without having to overhaul the entire process, saving valuable time and ensuring the safety of everyone on a job.

With the help of Quickbase, Consigli creates custom solutions to their largest problems. Whether it’s being best-in-class at safety or serving as a central source-of-truth for their critical data, Quickbase supports the high standards of the “Consigli way.”