2016 State of Citizen Development Report

Get the facts and figures on how citizen development has changed over the past year and what it means for your business.

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    There’s no doubt, citizen development continues to make headway as a major driver of business transformation in 2016. In the first half of our survey, learn about the growing benefits of citizen development from QuickBase customers who are experiencing them first-hand. In the second half of our survey, get perspective from non-customer organizations on the advantages of citizen development over traditional development methods.

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    1. What’s behind a 38% rise in QuickBase builder growth and why 76% percent of users are making application building a part of their everyday jobs
    2. Why IT backlogs are down and ROI is up
    3. What is motivating the transition to citizen development among non-customers
    4. What use cases and industries are benefitting the most and why

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