8 ways that low-code tools can help improve your business

July 27, 2018

There are so many ways that low-code and no-code app development can serve business users. The demand for low-code platforms has increased because of these benefits and the fact that an off-the-shelf solution isn’t always readily available to solve all problems encountered. Because of this, businesses are constantly having to develop workarounds that are prone to being full of errors. Workarounds, homemade tools, and shadow IT can lead to compromised security. The practical solution to these issues is low-code development tools. By using a platform like Quickbase, your company will be able to develop customized tools as a team. And Quickbase’s solutions don’t require the use of lines of code to build the app you’re picturing: Our point-and-click technology makes app-building more accessible than ever.

Aside from the convenience, here are a few ways that using a low-code platform can be a major benefit to your business.

1. More speed and efficiency

By using low-code or no-code tools, your business will become more agile. You can make updates to apps as needed in a matter of minutes or hours, not days, which greatly increase the speed of development. Less coding means quicker implementation and less IT time spent on app-building efforts and bugs. As IT demands increase, more and more staff are looking for solutions that will let them make needed changes faster and fulfill requests with fewer bugs - low-code app development is the solution. IT leaders find low-code platforms to be flexible to suit the personalized experience needs of customers.

2. Decreased costs

The ability to build more apps in less time means that your IT team can focus on higher value tasks, instead of spending valuable time and resources on projects that may not be the most critical to growing the business. Ultimately, building apps faster can results in decreased IT costs and better allocation of resources. Low-code development reduces the need for hiring and allows your IT staff to better focus their skills on specialized areas that most need their attention. In addition to lowered IT costs, efficient low-code tools will make your entire team more productive, so you’ll save money all around, not just in the IT realm. Some companies even lose money when they bring in an external team to develop their customized apps, but Quickbase will enable you to leverage your existing team’s skills and expertise about their processes.

3. More productivity

Because more apps can be built in less time, a project that could take months can be reduced to days. In some cases, it may be completed in minutes! When the development cycle is shortened, there’s no doubt that everyone on your team can get more work done, including IT staff and anyone using the app. The customization aspect of low-code development tools also allows your organization to work with more precision. As the people who understand the business processes best contribute their ideas to what would make the most efficient and useful app, productivity will increase because of the precision of your custom-designed tool.

4. Better customer and shareholder experience

The increased speed of your app development process will not only benefit your employees, but it will affect the satisfaction of your customers as well. Shareholders also enjoy results from no-code tools: Stakeholders are able to view new features in a matter of days or hours. Short and dynamic iteration cycles encourage more active engagement. Stakeholders and customers alike enjoy an ongoing sense of progress and responsiveness. These tools better engage anyone who comes into contact with them because of their convenience and straightforward design.

5. Effective risk management and governance

Regulations and laws are in a constant state of flux, especially depending on which industry you work in. Low-code tools can help you keep up with these changes and adjust accordingly with simplicity and speed. You’ll be able to stay ahead of deadlines and meet changing requirements with more ease. Shadow IT and custom-made tools are associated with heightened security risks, but using low-code tools will give you more control over risk management techniques. And that’s not to mention that you’ll be able to make updates and fix bugs from the beginning of an app’s lifecycle to the end.

6. Easy adaptations

Adapting apps to changing needs with ease is the hallmark of a strong process. Low-code development makes updating and changing apps simple and quick. When there’s no need for complex coding, you’ll have more access to immediate changes. This kind of flexibility isn’t offered with platforms that require complex code. The adaptable nature of low-code tools is what make them so appealing and likely to lead to customer satisfaction, because you can adjust to fit the changing needs of your customers and your industry. You’ll be able to meet demands as quickly as possible, and the same is true for contributions from your team. You can start working to deliver as soon as you have an idea for a change or improvement to your app.

7. Elimination of the IT skills gap

Businesses have reported an increased need for IT staff with strong skills but a decrease in available staff to fill these positions. Low-code tools allow you to put your team on more of an even footing when designing apps. Because knowledge of a specific coding language isn’t required for platforms like Quickbase, learning how to use low-code technology is accessible to team members outside of the IT department.

8. Build once, deploy everywhere

One of the most convenient aspects to low-code tools is the fact that when an app is built once, it can be deployed across multiple platforms simultaneously. No more building separate apps for desktop and mobile. To top it off, this is accomplished in far less time than it typically takes to code an app for one platform using other development methods. The time-saving potential is tremendous!

Get solutions fast from Quickbase

These are just a few of the ways that low-code app-building technology like Quickbase can make your business and operations so much stronger. The possibilities truly are endless.

The evidence in support of low-code apps continues to grow, and there is increasing demand for this technology. Quickbase is a proven time- and money-saver in a variety of areas, including project management, human resources, financial management, training management, customer service, IT management, business process management, marketing, CRM and sales, SOX compliance, and more.

Quickbase’s low-code technology is the most convenient solution to a variety of issues. Our platform will allow your team to get together and come up with app solutions that will help your business become more efficient and more productive. An enormous variety of business challenges can be managed with low-code development solutions, and there’s no limit to the number of apps you can build with Quickbase. You can collect, analyze, and track information in whatever way you see fit, and apps can be built to your specifications with no coding required.

Quickbase will empower you to build quickly without relying on developers with a knowledge of coding. You can eliminate time-consuming processes with a powerful and secure platform that will allow you to avoid many manual processes and still get the capabilities you require. Unique applications that use logic rules and point-and-click options will be at your fingertips when you use Quickbase. Explore the ways that Quickbase will better your business by signing up for a free trial and you’ll find out why Quickbase has been praised by experts like Forrester, TrustRadius, and G2Crowd. If you have more questions about whether Quickbase is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help, and learning more about your business can help us make a sound recommendation.