State of Business Apps 2017: The Future of Problem Solving

The world is changing too fast to solve problems the old-fashioned way. Thankfully, your company already has the talent necessary to solve just about any problem – and fast.

Our new report shows how a diverse group of business professionals – cutting across gender and generational lines – are taking the initiative to create solutions themselves.

Find out how today’s workers are becoming empowered to make a bigger impact for their companies and advance their own careers in our third annual report.

In the report, you’ll learn more about business app builders:

  • 40% are women, compared to just 5% of traditional code developers
  • 43% are Gen X and 43% are Millennials, 14% are Baby Boomers
  • 64% received public recognition for their work and 18% received a promotion

Read this exclusive report now to find out how you can empower yourself and your team by capitalizing on this growing trend.

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