Quick Base Named a Leader in Forrester’s New Wave: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers

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Nov 10, 2017
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Quick Base Named a Leader in Forrester’s New Wave: Low Code Platforms for Business Developers

Quick Base Named a Leader in Forrester’s New Wave: Low Code Platforms for Business Developers


Forrester recently recognized Quick Base as a Leader in its 2017 New Wave: Low-code Platforms for Business Developers.  Not only was Quick Base named a Leader ahead of 12 other vendors, but it was the only vendor that received differentiated (highest) ratings in 8 assessment criteria in this analyst report.


Forrester’s POV on Low-code Platforms & Quick Base

Forrester defines low-code development platforms as, “products and/or cloud services for application development that employ visual, declarative techniques instead of programming.” Forrester expects the low-code platform market is projected to grow at the rate of 35%+ year-over-year and is expected to be worth $3.8 billion by the end of 2017*.

Forrester’s evaluation found that Quick Base “offers rich startup experiences and strong data management.”  It also stated that Quick Base “allows business pros to build and sustain everyday data-intensive apps” giving them more power to run their apps on a managed, scalable platform.

Customer references were summarized for this evaluation report: “Quick Base allows users to become productive within a day or two and create operations applications quickly.  Feature feedback is excellent, even for process features.”


Delivering Business Agility with Quick Base

Many organizations are still struggling to make fact-based decisions to better serve their customer needs, capitalize on market opportunities, uncover hidden risks, and increase their operational efficiencies. They continue to rely on legacy systems and processes that are outdated and inefficient, which chokes innovation and ultimately inhibits growth.

Quick Base, a Leader among Low-code platforms for Business Developers, plays a critical role in making this business agility a reality for organizations. It empowers problem-solvers closest to the work, in diverse business functions and regardless of their technical skills, to actively participate in transforming their organizations. It also helps business professionals automate time-intensive tasks and enables them to grow their careers as they take on more fulfilling, strategic projects instead of “busy work.”

Moreover, Quick Base provides capabilities for IT to partner with the business and play a strategic consultative role in governing, defining best practices, and managing an enterprise-wide deployment. We’ve seen three successful models for such collaboration among our customers - business-led, hybrid, and IT-led. This partnership between business and IT varies depending on the type of application - allowing IT to focus its time and energy on strategic areas involving formal systems of record while enabling the business to solve their own challenges.


Empower Your Business

As the future of work continues to evolve and more organizations look to their business professionals to solve complex problems, low-code platforms for business developers are a critical enabling technology. With over 6,000 customers, we have long been the platform of choice for organizations that want to drive real results fast.


Forrester Named Quick Base a Leader among Low-Code Platforms


* Vendor Landscape: A Fork In The Road For Low-Code Development Platforms, July 2017, Forrester

Given the maturity in this market, Forrester divided its coverage of the low-code platforms into two distinct segments defined by the target builder: business developers or professional developers. Vendors in the low-code market were invited to participate in the Wave report for only one of the above two segments.


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