Trusted by clients ranging from Sprint, HP, and FedEx to thousands of small businesses, SoftTechExperts is one of the world's premier providers of Quickbase add-ons and integrations. Marketers, sales people, customer support reps, and project managers rely on our flagship product, SendToQuickBase, to improve workflow and be more productive. Save emails to Quickbase from any program and device, as well as Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks, and more. SoftTechExperts also provides custom services to help clients connect Quickbase apps with other platforms both cloud-based and in-house.

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  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Technical Support

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  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • PHP

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Add-Ons from SoftTechExperts

Migration Tools
Office & Email
Reset Filters
Autocomplete for Quick Base App Logo
Add autocomplete widgets to your Quick Base Forms and Home Pages (a.k.a. Dashbards) to easily locate records by typing.
(1 Rating)
Audit Trail for Quick Base App Logo
Track Quick Base record views, additions, modifications, deletions and file attachment views in your Quick Base Applications.
(1 Rating)
SendToQuickBase App Logo
Save emails from any email program or smart phone into Quick Base. Also save Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks into Quick Base. Free trial.
(7 Ratings)
SendToOutlook App Logo
Save calendar, contacts, tasks, and more from Quick Base into Microsoft Outlook with a single click. Free trial.
SmartEmailReminder for Quick Base App Logo
Automatically send formatted email messages from Quick Base to any email address based on date and criteria with Quick Base fields included.

Reviews for SoftTechExperts


The Send To Quick Base feature has been a great tool and asset to our Quick Base program. It has allowed us to streamline processes, that in the past, were taking a large amount of time to process and track. The creation of creating documents and emailing them to customers and vendors was taking a large amount of my time to create the files, email them and then track the emails. This process is now streamlined within the Quick Base app itself. Joe Acunzo has also been a huge help in developing some custom features that has also allowed us to reduce data entry from the customer side in regards to loading information into our app. He has been quick to respond when we have a rare issue and quickly resolves the problem.

Joey Zint
Hussmann Services Corporation
April 5, 2018

Soft Tech Experts

I have worked with Soft Tech Experts to implement Send to Quick Base and Audit Trail solutions for a number of my Pharmaceutical clients. Joe has been a pleasure to work with and helpful during implementation and ongoing support. I would recommend working wth Soft Tech Experts.

Alexis Liebman
PMP Strategy Consulting
March 29, 2018

SoftTechExperts played an integral role with our organization

SoftTechExperts has been nothing short of a godsend for us. It should be noted here that our Quick Base database is our main asset. SoftTechExperts has been instrumental in correcting our coding problems, unraveling inefficient coding and systems created by their predecessors. SoftTechExperts has harnessed the capabilities of Quick Base and applied them to our database. They have been able to apply automated solutions to extreme manual operations. We were able to reduce our staff from 9 FTEs to 5 FTEs and accomplish more with a greater degree of quality thanks to SoftTechExperts creativity and knowledge of Quick Base, hundreds of applications that support Quick Base, their contacts within the Quick Base programmer community as well as applications they had designed for unrelated business processes but creatively modified and applied to our business. In addition, SoftTechExperts led and facilitated a top-to-bottom review of all of our business processes and we were able to completely reengineer our operations to drive even more efficiencies. I consider the founder of SoftTechExperts, Joe Acunzo, a part of our leadership team. He has sound business acumen in addition to obvious talents with Quick Base and programming skills. I have called Joe The Wizard publicly in our team meetings, and more than once. Mark M. Granzier Executive Director Provider Network Alliance, LLC

Mark M Granzier
Provider Network Alliance, LLC
March 29, 2018

SoftTechExperts support excels through a combination of stability and forward-thinking.

SoftTechExperts has been a proven collaborative partner of Metrendalytics LLC for several years. As a custom solution developer for a heavily regulated industry such as the life sciences and pharma, choosing the right development partner is so very critical. SoftTechExperts has provided excellence in support through a combination of stability and forward-thinking. They exhibit superior knowledge of job content and requirements combined with expertise in application development, automation, security, and compliance to meet pharma industry standards. Our collaboration together has been really a wonderful and unique experience, a real partnership versus a vendor. I have truly appreciated the breadth and depth of knowledge, responsiveness, and attention to detail and now have come to view their team as an extension of our own. Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President Metrendalytics LLC

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto
Metrendalytics LLC
March 29, 2018

SoftTech Experts Review

We have worked with Joe Acunzo and SoftTechExperts for several years now and and have found the company to be nothing but exceptional. Joe's expertise in getting our Quickbase app to sync with our Outlook software across all of our platforms was invaluable. He was also able to come up with workarounds to specific issues we were having. Any time we run in to something custom we need to do, I know I can always count on Joe to have a solution. I highly recommend SoftTechExperts!

Dana Sadowski
Mainline Marketing, Inc.
March 28, 2018

Softech Experience

In 30 years of business experience, we've rarely seen a company and its Team provide better support, service, and value. Softech does this with complete integrity and a clear determination to surprise its Customers with values exceeding their expectations. 5 Stars is easily earned by these guys.

Ron Menville
Chemetec Engineered Equipment
March 28, 2018

A great resource

We have been using SoftTechExperts products and services for over five years. Our experience has been outstanding. The tools work well, are reliable, and tech support is very responsive. We recently had Joe do some custom work for us related to one of our Quick Base apps that solved an issue that had been a pain point for many months. We highly recommend Joe and SoftTechExperts.

Spence Lloyd
Avant Healthcare Professionals
March 28, 2018

Great Solution.... Fast!

Our company was in need of a web-based, project Management System in a hurry. A recent Windows upgrade had rendered our old system useless and there was no way to recover it. We worked with SoftTechExperts to review our needs, which included: web based/hosted, easy to maintain, expandable and it must integrate with our email. SoftTechExperts didn't jump to conclusions but rather took the time to do the required analysis and then propose the correct solution. In less than a week, we were up and running with an easy to use Project Management system running on QuickBase that was also integrated with our email via their add on "SendToQuickBase". The speed of rollout and changes, ease of use combined with top notch support from SoftTechExperts not only solved our short term problem, it provided a superior solution to what we were using prior for project management.

Paul Pitts
All Star Software Systems
March 28, 2018