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We exist to give you more time. Quandary Consulting Group builds better systems for businesses looking to scale success. Using custom application development, integrations, and automation, we drastically improve workflows and processes. And we look for additional opportunities for our clients to succeed. From SME/SMB to Enterprise, we develop strategic solutions that yield measurable returns. Our team of Quickbase experts works alongside clients, providing the responsiveness and care they would expect from an internal team. And we work hard to deliver completed projects on-time with complete transparency at every step of our journey. Reduce inefficiencies. Streamline operations. And steal back time from your business with Quandary Consulting Group.

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Technical Skill

  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Ruby

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peakSUITE | Echo allows you to post news and keep your employees, contacts, and customers updated and interacting in a fun and simple way.
peakSUITE | Trailhead App Logo
peakSUITE | Trailhead is a simple, easy to use tool for internal project management and client-facing initiatives.
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Keep your workforce productive and connected while working remotely with easy to use tools for managers and employees.
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peakSUITE APEX CRM tracks sales leads, activities, and follow-ups to ensure you never miss out on a business opportunity!
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Quandary | Connect, the leader in all integrations. Utilizing Pipelines or other API's to streamline workflows and increase efficiency
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peakSUITE is a modular application suite to take businesses to the next level. Functionality for CRM, Project Management, Finance, and More!
peakSUITE | Compass App Logo
peakSUITE Compass is a custom-built mapping tool within Quick Base.
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The peakSUITE | Multi File Uploader is a upload tool that allows a user to select multiple documents at a time and upload to a record.
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The document generator is a tool for adding data from a system such as Quickbase, to a base template.

Reviews for Quandary Consulting Group

Mark Warstler does an amazing job of support

Mark was the developer on a project for us and although we are mostly done with the project, I needed a small change and he was able to immediately help me as we are in the midst of a rollout. Just incredible level of service - he is dedicated and extremely helpful and has become a critical part of our team

Issa Barkett
District of Columbua
January 16, 2023

Awsome job by Quandry Consulting

Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of working with Quandry Consulting on a project for a public sector client. They have provided excellent development and support during the entire life cycle and the consultant that was working on the project was so awesome. He was dedicated and passionate about the project.

Issa Barkett
Netsource Interactive
December 15, 2022

Amazing asset to me

The team from Quandary has been unbelievable. They are passionate about their work, attentive and available, and always show me more possibilities because they actually care about my projects and are such experts at their fields. Ben Smith is stellar in so many programming realms, Jeff Richey is so adept at QuickBase. They are always teaching me about best practices so that I am always feeling like a co-pilot and not just sitting on the side-lines.

David Woo
Madison Avenue TMS & Psychiatry
July 15, 2022

Ben Smith at Quandary

Ben Smith at Quandary worked closely with us for over a year. In short, he has MADE our company. He is incredibly helpful. He is smart, hard working, and cares tremendously about our project. He has been a real pleasure to work with. I’m sorry that we don’t work with him as much anymore, which is due to the fact that he’s finished building what we wanted him to build. I can’t say enough good things about Ben, he is a true professional!

Dave P
July 15, 2022

Collaborative and Supportive

The Quandary team was the ideal business partner. They took the initiative to learn and understand our business in an effort to provide solutions that would best benefit our organization and key users. Christine Garam and Melissa Doran level of customer services was absolutely World Class; always making themselves available when a questions arose.

Craig Baptista
Bureau Veritas NA
November 7, 2021

QuickBase Experts!

Quandary has been professional and responsive. They took the time to learn our business model thoroughly and discovered our needs. They were able to provide helpful insights throughout the QuickBase build out.

October 29, 2021

A Fantastic Partner

QCG is top notch with experience and skill to tackle your most difficult problems. They have been a huge part of our success in helping BV re-imagine the way we use and develop QuickBase. From internal to external, our service solutions have never been better. I look forward to more!

Todd T
Bureau Veritas
October 28, 2021

Quandary Has it Figured out!

I have been working with Quandary since February of 2021 and couldn't be more happy with the product they have produced for us using Quickbase. Their knowledge and use of Quickbase is spectacular and I know my company as well as the product and information we store on Quickbase are in good hands. I look forward to continuing this business relationship far into the future of both of our companies.

Rebecca Knecht
Life Scan Wellness Centers
October 28, 2021

Great Job!

Ben has been fantastic to work with. Has gone above and beyond. Always responsive and worked with a sense of urgency to deliver exactly what we needed!

Bin Jets
March 17, 2021

Great Team - Excellent to work with

Ben was able to provide the SQL support that we needed to integrate QuickBase with an existing system. He provided expertise and even added recommendations for improvements. Mark provided excellent QuickBase support and knowledge to accomplish some difficult tasks. It is a pleasure working with the entire Quandary Team.

ADB Companies
March 12, 2021


Finding a vendor that not only responds in a timely manner but also proactively identifies potential roadblocks is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Our assigned engineer from Quandary, Ben, was able to diagnose problems with surgical precision and with the efficiency of an energy star appliance. We look forward to working with Ben and the team at Quandary again in the future. If you have a tech project that could use some help, be sure to give Quandary a call.

Loop Media, Inc.
February 23, 2021

Quick Start Program

Alex and the Quandary team were outstanding. They provided exceptional insight into solving various design issues, coached us on some of the "tips and tricks" when working in the environment and accommodated our shifting calendar and development priorities. They are sharp, knowledgeable and easy to work with. HIGHLY recommended for anyone entering the Quickbase world.

Jim Carpenter
Flexible Business Systems
February 18, 2021

So So helpful

Ben Smith with Quandary has been absolutely fantastic. He has literally built the key functionality that runs our company. He is a top level developer, but, more impressively, he combines that with being able to see real world business problems coming, and design the software solution ahead of time to solve those problems.

David Patterson
February 15, 2021

Professional and knowledgeable team

Quandry CG has a very knowledgeable team and is very open to feedback. The best part about partnering with Quandry is their response which is very prompt and timely. Chayce has been really helpful and understanding. They are very professional and own up to anything that they have committed to even if it takes a little higher time than what they anticipated. Their after-sale support to has been really good. They are more customer-centric and friendly.

Illumine Industries
February 9, 2021

Best QB Partner we've used

Not only has Quandary always been fast and efficient, but they maximize the hours we spend with them so that we complete projects on or before time and within budget! They work hard to understand our unique business needs, then always come through with fantastic results. I highly recommend them!

Deron Johnson
Sign Resource
February 9, 2021

Quandary Quickbase development project for National Diversified Funding Corp. Scaleforce platform

Working with Quandary is a pleasure. Alex and Christine are very professional, extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. They were on top of our every question and concern. That combination of skills is very hard to find. I appreciate it very much. I've had experiences that have been very difficult to say the least. Quandary has done a great job for us. I will definite use them again and enthusiastically recommend them.

Frank Ciarcia
CRC Chrome
January 15, 2021

Review re Walgreens HQ

Alex Shudrovskis is a reliable partner whom we can rely on to provide creative solutions to our needs using his expert knowledge of ProTrack.

David Zak
JLL Jones Lang LaSalle
December 15, 2020

Great service and results

We hired Quandary CG for two specific projects. Both were completed ahead of schedule and with the results we set out to achieve. Thanks TJ and Megan!

December 10, 2020

Alex Skudrovskis

Alex was extremely helpful with my requests! I added some additional items and he had no problem knocking those out too!

Phillip Lee
December 3, 2020

Alex Skudrovkis

Alex has been a key asset for working together as a Walgreens organization. He has gone above and beyond to work with others to complete tasks and has an amazing attitude when helping. Alex always is prepared for meetings and willing to offer solutions to help the client in a time of need.

Amy Setinc
December 3, 2020

LL Program Protrack Capture Review

This is a very clean and effective way to show the date from the LL Program. It shows all cost saves and project count in an easy and useful way to show the client. The graphics also create an atheistically appealing way to examine the data even further. Great work, the STR team could benefit from creating a Protrack capture like this as well.

Drew Simon
December 3, 2020

Alex Skudrovkis

I cannot express enough how valuable Alex has been to the team! He is very patient, kind and an expert! He has taken his time to work with our needs, make them actionable and effective for us to move forward with monthly reporting. Job well done!

Elizabeth Ogiela
December 3, 2020

Alex Skudrovskis

Alex is quite simply the best! Easy to work with, knowledgeable, and makes time to work with everyone on their process improvements. He has saved my team hours of manual work by automating Pro Track. Please make sure he is well compensated so that I cannot steal him :)

Margaret Madaras
November 17, 2020

Quick Base Experts

Alex joined our team as a consultant to help us specifically with one project that we needed a Quick Base expert on. He has not only provided value on that specific project, but has also quickly become one of the most popular names mentioned as someone to reach out to whenever someone needs help with the system. He is responsive, thorough, and one of the best assets to our team as we work to stabilize and build the application to scale.

Liz M.
November 13, 2020


Christine deserves a million 5 star reviews. I very much appreciate all the time, effort, and energy that she puts into our project on a daily basis. Anytime we need her, Christine is there and ready to help. Thank you so much, you are fantastic!

Tayler Moore
COVID Response Partners
September 23, 2020

Excellent customization

When COVID broke out enterprise clients requested a bespoke screening and testing program to keep their workforce safe and productive. Quandary Consulting was able to jump right in and meet our requirements even as they changed on the fly. Great partners!

Dr. David Ohlson
COVID Response Partners PLLC
September 10, 2020

Total life saver!

Another shout out to Christine for all her great work supporting us here at CRP. Thank you!

Tayler Moore
COVID Response Partners
September 10, 2020

5 Stars for Quandary

Quandary is great! The developers are innovative, responsive and patient- they take the torture out of tedious details! We highly recommend Quandary!

Nicole Lamberty
July 6, 2020

Responsive and Competent

I have been working with Quandary (primarily TJ) since mid April of 2020. I hired Quandary to help me get a basic application I had designed fully off the ground and add/refine features and capabilities. My job function has nothing to do with organizational aspects, but I started using QB to make a spreadsheet-centric environment more manageable. Working with Quandary has allowed me to take care of my normal duties while pushing the organizational development forward. It is now mid June of 2020 and we have over 25 users taking advantage of the QB platform and loving it. I drive the development in weekly meetings with Quandary and do some of the more modest development myself while Quandary is doing the heavy lifting. This allows me to stay involved not only in the development, but also in having a reasonable technical understanding of how things work. TJ has been very forthcoming in sharing programming steps with me whenever I wanted to know and learn. It was somewhat of a scary idea to have a live database under construction, but so far, we have not run into any significant problems. There were some requirements we had that could not be met using native Quickbase programming and Quandary was able to deliver a solution that works and looks like it is fully part of Quickbase. My experience with Quandary has been overwhelmingly positive and I recommend considering them in all things Quickbase. We are continuing to work with Quandary as databases are never really finished. We specifically enjoy the ability to easily make changes as our requirements evolve.

Yves Richarz
June 19, 2020

The perfect solution to our quandary

We recently wanted to move our product database to Quick Base and use that to fuel our online catalog. We knew well enough how to create and move the database, but we had no clue how to then show specific fields, in a custom/brand-compliant layout, securely to the public. Quandary Consulting Group to the rescue! They were quick to validate what we needed, explain their approach and present a competitive, worry-free project cost with a stellar completion date. The developers are extremely responsive with quick turn-around times and quality results. We've been astounded at how much amazing work they can deliver so quickly. Working with Quandary is as comfortable as working with one of our own internal teams and has been from the initial meeting. Through every aspect, we've enjoyed their transparency, positive attitude and down-to-earth style. We can bounce ideas off them and get honest answers; it's been a truly collaborative effort. I would highly recommend Quandary when you have one of your own to solve.

Kammi Wilson
June 15, 2020

A+ Support

We work with Quandary on a daily basis. The team over there are awesome. Very knowledgeable and always go the extra mile to get us what we need.

Pete Lopez
AiN Group
May 12, 2020

Quandary - The Perfect Partner for your Customized Solution

I cannot say enough about the hard work, ingenuity, and personalized attention we received from the Quandary team. We had previously worked with another QB partner. The difference between the previous partner and Quandary was like night and day. Quandary worked hard to develop a comprehensive database for our business operations. We had a skeleton idea of what we wanted. Quandary helped us plan and develop a system that was much more thorough and customized than what we thought was possible. The best part about working with Quandary is the team of people they have working for them. Not only did they help build an excellent database, but also made it a really enjoyable process. They managed to integrate all of our workflow processes and took each obstacle we presented as an engaging challenge to work through together. I cannot overstate how pleased I am to have chosen Quandary as a partner in this project and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. If you are trying to choose between partners, I highly recommend you reach out to Quandary.

Daniel S
Cembell Industries
April 30, 2020

A+ work

We worked with Quandary on an implementation of a personnel management system. They were incredibly quick at building a tool to fit our niche use case and also figured out how to integrate it with Greenhouse. TJ was awesome and was super helpful and willing to put in long hours to build a tool that worked for us in a crazy environment. We'd definitely work with Quandary again!

Daniel E
March 30, 2020

Customized program made simple...

This team does a great job of communicating changes, scheduling calls to chat, and doing what they can to create the program the business needs and wants. They are fun to chat with, real people who take on new challenges and make them a reality.

Carmen Whiting
March 23, 2020

A Great Business Partner!

Just want to share that Quandary is an outstanding business partner. They have been instrumental in the design of our Quick Base app. Response time is fast. Their staff has taken the time to learn not only about our business but how we do business as well, resulting in a functional app. If you need a company to help you develop your Quick Base account, Quandary is the company to call.

Dave Plekkenpol
KR Wolfe Inc
March 12, 2020


Using Jacobs online portal to process invoices has been easy and intuitive. The portal has an excellent overview of all necessary parts of the invoice (purchase order, calculations, contact information). Compared to other large name invoicing sites, this method has been a joy to use. I recommend the use of this system to any company looking for a good system to transact with their customers.

March 2, 2020

Nothing out of reach

I moved our business applications to QuickBase in 2013 and have worked 3 other consultants, but when I found Quandary, they listened to my needs and learned my business which the previous companies did not do. They identified automations and solutions to increase our productivity and assist in managing a multitude of datasets which has increased our sales. There is nothing out of reach with my imagination and their ability to create processes and managment tools!

Diana Rotondo
AiN Group
February 24, 2020

Project Management Application

The Quandry Team came to the table with an immense amount of knowledge regarding a project management application of QB. Their comprehensive Launch and Support have been invaluable to our team.

Chick-fil-A Inc.
February 11, 2020

Efficient, Timely Updates, Superior Support

I have been working with Quandary Consulting Group and Quick Base for almost 2 years. Quick Base provided a way to streamline a unique billing/payable process. Quandary designed a program specifically to transfer information between multiple systems. Tracking and reconciling information is efficient and simple. The staff reacts quickly to the changing processes by providing timely updates and superior support.

Jane Baum
February 3, 2020

Awesome Collaborative Partners

We have been working with Quandary for a year or two now. They are great to work with and are very collaborative in working with you to develop tools that will work best for your organization. The development process from the customer perspective is always simple and easy. The team at Quandary is always very responsive to our needs, and goes above and beyond to ensure that we are satisfied customers.

Thomas Arlow
January 31, 2020

Thank you Quandary!

My team has been with several partners over the years and Quandary stands out above the rest. They really understand our business and focus our Quick Base initiatives and applications truly on what we need. Their technical abilities are outstanding and can accomplish any request we throw at them whether through Quick Base or utilizing integration tools. They are communicative, professional, and total experts. As part of our team, they even help us manage and put on our annual conference. We couldn't do it without them. Thank you for everything you do for us Quandary!

Nick Couture
AiN Group
January 30, 2020

Key Member of Our Quickbase Development Team

I have been working with Quandary sense Q1 of 2019, I first reached out to them inquiring about an interesting post I saw about how they had integrated Power BI and Quickbase. After a few short conversations they offered to come onsite and share this example along with other areas they could support. Their flexibility and ability to work outside the box is what solidified our choice to work with quandary. We have now engaged 3 different projects with them ranging from small tasks, troubleshooting calls, and even a full week onsite for a large project kick off. They have supported every initiative ranging from basic QuickBase development to professional programming/ customization. Along this process they have created a demo app to present to our executive staff, teach and coach our internal resources in both development and best practices. Their engagement, support and excitement has made them seem like an extension of our company to support and help develop our QuickBase platform and internal team. Even when requests were outside of their normal area of expertise, they were open about it and expressed willingness to expand their knowledge to help fully support our projects.

Derek Hutchinson
PSG Grand Rapids
December 20, 2019

Caring, Competent and Communicative

After an exhaustive search to find the right Quickbase Partner to enhance and upgrade our existing App, we came across the team at Quandary. Within the first few minutes of our discovery call, Kevin and his team completely understood our needs, developed a strategy for success, and delivered on-time, within budget and provided above and beyond service, with add-on's that we didn't know were possible after speaking with other providers. I cannot recommend the team at Quandary enough. Their in-depth understanding of our business process, their patience with our limited understanding of technology, and ultimately their implementation of a fantastic product -- communicating every step of the way -- has been a 'win' for our business. We are looking forward to years of partnership with this caring, competent and communicative team from Quandary.

November 20, 2019

Very Happy

Quandary has been an integral partner of our non-profit, JB Box. In a weeks time they built a user friendly, automated, and scalable application for us to manage all aspects of our business. What we once managed on spreadsheets, we now utilize Quick Base. Quandary was efficient, professional, and fairly priced. We knew our pricing up front and there were no surprises along the way. I would highly recommend their services. In addition to their Quick Base support, they also created our logo, branding, and new website! They have set up our non-profit for success and we couldn't have done it without them!

Jessica Wagner
JB Box
October 29, 2019