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Achieve 30% Cost Savings¹ with Better IT Asset Management

Learn how Quickbase empowers you to gain a view of your IT assets in real time from any device and eliminate the inefficiencies and risks associated with email and spreadsheet-based asset management.
¹ Gartner

Ensure Your Teams Have the Tools to Achieve their Goals

Replace error-prone email, phone calls, and spreadsheet-based asset management with a single source of truth that you or your team can update in seconds and access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Effectively manage the IT asset lifecycle, optimize your IT budget, and accurately project resource needs by tracking all of your IT assets and their attributes in one central source. With complete insight into all assets, ensure that you're always making the right purchasing decisions and that everyone in your company has the equipment they need to excel.

It's a solution designed specifically for your business, so you know that you'll always have the information you need at your fingertips when you need it.

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See how Quickbase can help you focus on the real work and make running your business a breeze. Work with a Quickbase solutions consultants to discover how you can use Quickbase to cure your biggest administrative headaches and automate complex, time consuming processes.

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    See How Dell EMC Manages $7.5 Million in Corporate Assets with Quickbase

    With 3,000 virtual machines, countless complex projects in various stages of completion, and a huge staff to manage, Dell EMC needed a system that could easily tie their assets to individual projects and project timetables. Learn how Dell EMC increased efficiency and scalability around their asset management processes, and mastered resource planning with Quickbase.

    Real-Time Data for More Confident Budgeting Decisions

    Reduce operating costs and make smarter budgeting decisions with insight into all assets and their key attributes. Track cost, depreciated value, lifespan, and warranties so that you always know your teams' technology needs are met.

    With Quickbase, exert control over your budget and easily report on expenditures by gaining an accurate, real time view into your universe of assets. Never again wonder whether the spreadsheet you're using is up-to-date and eliminate the risk that your company doesn't have what it needs to complete critical projects on time.

    Track every asset from purchase to end life; always know what's in your inventory, what is available for use, what is still under warranty, and what has the latest security updates.

    Integrate IT Asset Management with Procurement and Service Request Management

    Keeping your IT equipment operating at a high level is essential to your organization’s success. With the pace of business today, it is essential that you can rapidly service your equipment or purchase items to ensure that your teams are productive and that your budget is on track.

    Quickbase enables you to accelerate issue resolution by automating the delivery of service requests to the right people with the right skills. You can also use Quickbase’s role based dashboards to pinpoint bottlenecks, service issues and trends, such as which assets are creating the most service requests – so you can take action.

    With Quickbase, you can track all vendor contracts, pricing and other critical information so you can improve negotiations with vendors and make the right purchasing decisions for your organization. Quickbase also streamlines procurement with auditable processes tailored for your exact needs so you can rapidly acquire the assets you need, while being confident that cost, approvals, contract terms and other all critical information is being tracked.

    As your needs continue to expand, Quickbase can be used to improve other core processes across your organization.

    Best-in-Class Security and Reliability

    Protect your sensitive information with comprehensive security and encryption. Quickbase data is hosted in two geographically diverse, production-ready data centers, which provide military-grade physical security, around-the-clock monitoring, and data encryption that ensure world-class security and mission-critical reliability.

    Robust administrative controls to ensure compliance with your organization’s IT policies. Quickbase’s governance tools enable you to manage users, roles, and permissions to ensure data integrity and security. Quickly view, filter, sort, search, or export all users within an account. Make instant changes to groups or individual users when needed.

    With Quickbase, you can easily create dashboards for multiple roles. Give IT executives a company-wide view of total cost of all assets across the organization, a breakdown of costs by quarter, and more, and give IT managers the views they need to be more effective every day.

    "As we were growing and getting more customers, work orders, jobs, and invoices, things became a lot more complicated. We needed something all-inclusive to help us manage our entire business."
    Gabe Cooley
    CEO and Co-founder of Rayco