Reduce Operating Costs With Facility Asset Management Software

Simplify resource planning and build custom facility asset management solutions designed for your business with Quickbase.

Gain real-time insights into essential information about every asset and service request across all of your facilities.

Track Assets With A Single Source Of Truth

Effectively track and distribute assets across your entire portfolio of facilities, schedule preventative maintenance, and make better buying decisions when it comes to equipment.

With facility asset management software, your team can replace spreadsheet-based asset management with a single source of truth and improve the large systems that don’t match the way you work.

Supply chain factory floor ipad
Supply Chain Worker with iPad

Anticipate Issues & Ensure Business Continuity

Facility asset management software helps you accelerate issue resolution by automating the delivery of service requests to the right people.

Quickbase’s role-based dashboards help you pinpoint bottlenecks and service issues to anticipate and solve for problems before they arise.

Give More Power to Your Teams

Automate work orders, track critical operations, and streamline procurement, all in one system that is easy to update. As your needs change, Quickbase evolves with your business to manage a range of processes across the organization.

Asset Tracking

Reduce costs and risk with visibility into condition, lifespan, safety information, service inefficiencies, and more.

Vendor & Contract Management

Make smarter purchasing decisions by tracking contracts and selecting the right vendors.

Service Request Management

Accelerate incident resolution by routing service requests to the right resources and tracking open tickets.

Inventory Management

Deliver great customer and employee experiences by ensuring availability of equipment and amenities.

Quickbase provides our clients with access to transparent data, reports, and benchmarking — which are key points to selling and managing large Integrated Facilities Management client portfolios.

David Love
Vice President of Facility Management and Workplace Services, Sodexo

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