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Sleep soundly knowing that you and your employees will always have the right equipment for the job and your customers will have a great experience. Improve those large clunky systems that don't match the way you work or replace error-prone email, phone calls, and spreadsheet-based asset management with a single source of truth that you or your teams can update and access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Efficiently track assets across your entire portfolio of facilities so that you can easily distribute and track resources, schedule preventative maintenance, and make better buying decisions when it's time to decide whether to repair or replace a critical piece of equipment.

It's a solution designed specifically for your business, so you know that you'll always have the information you need at your fingertips when you need it.

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    Sodexo Propels Growth with Smart Facilities Management

    As the Facilities Management division of Sodexo North America grew rapidly, a program was needed to consistently and quickly onboard and manage new client sites while maintaining the world-class service that customers have come to expect from Sodexo. See how Quickbase has become the backbone of Sodexo's Facilities Management Intelligence (FMiQ) platform, the division's required site management system, and the platform of choice for quickly developing new operational apps.

    Real-Time Data for More Confident Budgeting Decisions

    Ensure that you have the data you need to master budgeting and reduce cost by improving operations efficiency. Easily manage budgeting and services for one site or across multiple properties with insight into availability and use of space and equipment, equipment maintenance, and inventory in a single, easy-to-update platform.

    Master resource allocation - never again wonder whether the spreadsheet you're using is up-to-date and eliminate the risk that your company doesn't have what it needs to complete critical projects on time. Track every asset from purchase to end of life; always know which equipment is available for use, what needs to be repaired, the status of every service ticket, and what needs to be replaced.

    With an accurate, real-time view into your universe of assets, make better purchasing decisions and focus your staff on the most critical equipment maintenance and service tickets.

    Integrate Facilities Asset Management with Procurement and Service Request Management

    Keeping your equipment operating at a high level is essential to your organization’s success. With the pace of business today, it is essential that you can rapidly service your equipment or purchase items to ensure that your teams are productive and that your budget is on track.

    Quickbase enables you to accelerate issue resolution by automating the delivery of service requests to the right people with the right skills. You can also use Quickbase’s role based dashboards to pinpoint bottlenecks, service issues and trends, such as which assets are creating the most service requests – so you can take action.

    With Quickbase, you can track all vendor contracts, pricing and other critical information so you can improve negotiations with vendors and make the right purchasing decisions for your organization. Quickbase also streamlines procurement with auditable processes tailored for your exact needs so you can rapidly acquire the assets you need, while being confident that cost, approvals, contract terms and other all critical information is being tracked.

    As your needs continue to expand, Quickbase can be used to improve other core processes across your organization.

    Best-in-Class Security and Reliability

    Protect your sensitive information with comprehensive security and encryption. Quickbase data is hosted in two geographically diverse, production-ready data centers, which provide military-grade physical security, around-the-clock monitoring, and data encryption that ensure world-class security and mission-critical reliability.

    Robust administrative controls to ensure compliance with your organization’s IT policies. Quickbase’s governance tools enable you to manage users, roles, and permissions to ensure data integrity and security. Quickly view, filter, sort, search, or export all users within an account. Make instant changes to groups or individual users when needed.

    If you have one property or a portfolio of properties, Quickbase provides dashboards for any role so your execs or regional managers can view asset cost by building, cost of assets deployed by quarter across the region and more – enabling you to stay on budget and pinpoint where you can drive costs down.

    "The results are faster site onboarding, a more nimble division, and a real competitive advantage. This is how we're growing the business now. Our clients tell us nobody can do the things we do."
    Bruce Squibb
    Senior Director of Program Development, Sodexo