Quickbase Use Cases and Online Database Success Stories

Use cases and success stories

Meet some of the more than 6,000 customers who lead the way with problem-solving, paradigm-smashing, process-automating apps built with Quickbase.

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Case Studies
3 Men Movers
3 Men Movers Disrupts an Industry with Quickbase
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Case Studies
Complex Media
Complex Media Scales Digital Operations with Quickbase
Earthbound Farm Case Study
Case Studies
Earthbound Farm
Earthbound Farm Gains Real-Time Data Visibility with Quickbase CRM Application
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Case Studies
Galaxy Granola
Granola Manufacturer Gets CRM in Stellar Shape with Quickbase
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Case Studies
JUMP Grows Its Business Faster with Quickbase.
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Case Studies
Prairie Benefits Network
Prairie Benefits Network Gets Closer to Customers and Prospects with Quickbase
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Case Studies
Presti & Naegele
Presti & Naegele Boosts Client Pipeline with Quickbase
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Case Studies
ProPoint Graphics
Quickbase Web Based Applications Help ProPoint Grow Its Business
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Case Studies
Pure Water Technology (PWT)
Pure Water Tech Turns Its Green Business into a Golden Opportunity with Quickbase
BM&P Case Study
Case Studies
Robert Berning Productions
Robert Berning Productions Replaces Time-Consuming and Costly Paper-based Work Order System with Quickbase Web-Based Software
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Case Studies
Roof Diagnostics Solar
RDS Manages Explosive Growth with Tailor-Made CRM Application
Sage Payroll Services
Case Studies
Sage Payroll Services
How Sage Payroll Services Transformed Its Business to Deliver for Customers
Taylor Insurance
Case Studies
Taylor Insurance Services
How Taylor Insurance Services Drove $120,000 in New Revenue with Quickbase
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Case Studies
UBM Americas
UBM Americas Streamlines Project Management with Quickbase Using Built-in Salesforce Integration
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Case Studies
VOWS Bridal Outlet
VOWS Bridal Outlet Manages Growth with Self-Service Scheduling Application