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The Value of Real Estate Asset Management Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 22, 2023
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There’s a lot at stake when managing a portfolio of real estate assets. To increase the value of portfolios, asset managers must constantly source potential properties, manage purchases and sales effectively, reduce expenditures, mitigate risk, and monitor capital markets. Successful portfolio management requires a comprehensive understanding of assets, a real-time view of financial data, and the ability to move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and minimize the potential for risk.

Real estate asset management software can help to increase the value of portfolios by automating and streamlining management tasks. From consolidating property documentation and managing contracts to integrating financial data and enhancing communication with stakeholders, a real estate asset management solution enables teams to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and avoid errors. Because every property and every portfolio management team are unique, the right software must be fully customizable, allowing teams to adapt tools, interfaces, and reports to their specific needs.

Quickbase is a Dynamic Workplace Management platform that offers templates and pre-built solutions for real estate asset management software. With Quickbase’s no-code application development platform, users with little or no technical background can create and customize sophisticated software to improve operations, enhance collaboration, and deliver the insight required to make smarter investment decisions.

The benefits of automated software

Real estate asset management software helps solve complex workflow challenges as teams strive to increase visibility and improve data-driven decision-making. With the right software, teams can:

  • Strategize for growth with comprehensive data. Asset management software must consolidate data sources and connect disparate systems to provide managers with a 360° view of the portfolio. The right solution will integrate easily with the existing technology stack to deliver a comprehensive view of portfolio value, ROI, and profitability of each property.

  • Mitigate risk with operational insights. With tools for automated data collection and analysis, asset managers can access the insights and intelligence they need to minimize potential risk.

  • Ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations. Real estate assets, transactions, and contracts are subject to a variety of local, state, and federal regulations. The right real estate asset management software will effectively document and track changes to regulations while providing managers with insights into potential compliance issues.

  • Increase efficiency and eliminate errors throughautomation. Asset management software automates both routine tasks, critical workflows, and communication with stakeholders to improve productivity while avoiding mistakes.

Real estate asset management software from Quickbase

Quickbase enables problem solvers with little to no coding experience to easily create, connect, and customize applications to address business challenges. Quickbase’s no-code platform provides a visual building environment where users can access drag-and-drop tools and pre-configured components to quickly create complex applications that improve operations and modernize workflows.

Quickbase also offers templates and pre-built solutions for real estate asset management software and commercial real estate software that can be easily customized to the needs of any management team. With Quickbase, asset management teams can:

  • Consolidate information. Easily access and manage all property and real estate documents in one place, making information available to all stakeholders at any location on any device.

  • View the entire portfolio in a single dashboard. Quickbase unifies data sources and technologies to deliver a comprehensive view of all levels of the real estate portfolio. At a glance, managers can monitor progress and identify bottlenecks that inhibit growth.

  • Improve decision-making. With a 360° view of markets, properties, and activities, managers can spot new opportunities, identify market shifts, and uncover risk early before it negatively impacts the business.

  • Increase efficiency. By abandoning spreadsheets and embracing automation, management teams can increase productivity, eliminate manual work, and replace repetitive tasks with standardized processes and intuitive workflows.

  • Enhance strategic analysis. Quickbase aggregates first- and third-party data across multiple projects, properties, and asset types to reveal essential insights. Managers can easily compare performance across properties and regions with role-based reports and dashboards that provide big picture insights and granular details.

Along with asset management and commercial real estate management software, the Quickbase platform provides service contract management software, budget and financial management software, site selection and evaluation software, and project management software that can be adapted for the needs of any team.

Components of the Quickbase platform

The Quickbase platform provides a wealth of features and capabilities that enable businesses to solve their most pressing challenges.

  • Seamless integrations. Quickbase Pipelines connects disparate data and systems to consolidate information, uncover new insights in real-time, and continuously refine essential processes.

  • Personalized insights. Quickbase dashboards deliver real-time visibility and insights that are personalized for the needs and roles of each user, empowering employees to improve the business every day.

  • Enterprise-grade security. To ensure the safety of critical data, Quickbase delivers robust administrative controls, advanced data encryption, multifactor authentication, and compliance with the strongest security standards.

  • Enablement services. Quickbase enablement services help businesses streamline adoption and onboarding to drive business impact, achieve earlier ROI, establish IT governance, and accelerate innovation.

  • Mobile dashboards. Powerful, modern dashboards and mobile tools enable users on the go to access critical information anywhere and everywhere.

Why choose Quickbase?

With Quickbase’s no-code software development platform, the people building applications are the business users who are closest to problems and have the best understanding of how to fix them. Quickbase’s Visual Builder and intuitive no-code tools offer an ideal building environment for both experienced developers and non-coders to create sophisticated solutions that address workflow gaps.

With Quickbase, businesses can:

  • Enhance operational agility by empowering anyone in the company to create innovative solutions for complex challenges.

  • Reduce risk, eliminate waste, and avoid unexpected expenses by connecting existing systems.

  • Improve efficiency by automating workflows, connecting data sources, integrating technologies, and avoiding duplicated efforts.

  • Rely on end-to-end visibility to uncover roadblocks, optimize workflows, and keep everything on track.

  • Use sandbox capabilities to ensure continuous innovation and push application changes without downtime.


What is real estate asset management?

Real estate asset management is the task of maximizing the value of the real estate portfolio through sourcing, purchasing, managing, improving, and/or selling real estate properties.

What is real estate asset management software?

Real estate asset management software enables teams to automate many of the essential tasks involved in managing a portfolio of properties. Real estate asset management software typically includes solutions for managing tasks and projects, consolidating financial information, communicating with a variety of stakeholders, and tools for contract management.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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