Teaching the Business to Fish, with Brian Hinshaw of AT&T | Podcast Recap

Written By: Nick LaFleur
July 20, 2021
2 min read

When you have a “particular set of skills”, what’s the best way to scale your value across the entire organization?

”I like to use the analogy to teach teams to fish on their own. I want them to be able to have a solution, have it meet their needs, but then day two day three onward they’re often able to do on their own. They don’t always have to come back for help with moving to that next component they want to do.”

Brian Hinshaw, Business Process Analyst at AT&T

In last week’s episode of our podcast we are joined by Brian Hinshaw, a business process analyst at AT&T. Brian shares how he is “teaching the business to fish” in a sea of data by using no-code citizen development platforms, and building increased business process agility. Brian is helping teams “feed themselves” by giving them tools to improve response time and accountability by building their own custom workflows and business applications. And when determining why agility is important in business, teams being able to self-serve can showcase that impact.

What you will learn:

  • 2:25: The primary focus and role of a Business Process Analyst
  • 3:32: Typical problems business teams are solving with no-code solutions
  • 4:40: Common challenges teams face when solving problems with off-the-shelf tools?
  • 7:06: Five things to look for when choosing business technology platforms
  • 9:58: The ongoing impact of the pandemic, when supporting enterprises with technology and digital solutions
  • 12:13: Three outcomes business users want from their data
    • “…they actually want to take the team through the data and be able to drill through boards and see things in real time.”
  • 13:35 How to help business users identify what information they need to build the right digital solution for their problem
  • 17:26: How a business process analyst can build stronger connections between Business and IT teams

About our guest

Brian Hinshaw is a business process analyst and a Quickbase administrator at AT&T. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Note: Brian’s views on this podcast are his own, and do not represent the views of AT&T.

Written By: Nick LaFleur