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Research: Drive Business Growth with a Dual-Track Approach to Transformation, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report Sponsored by Quickbase

Written By: Ed Jennings
July 28, 2020
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Since joining Quickbase as CEO a few months ago, I have seen businesses adapt, evolve, and flex into completely new ways of operating. The world has forced digitization in ways we have never seen before, and we are seeing the companies adapt in record time, in many cases with a reduction in staff and budget. Agility is no longer an add on, it is an imperative.

I am thrilled to announce, Drive Business Successwith a Dual-Track Approach to Transformation,researchconducted by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveying over 400 IT leaders and CIO’s sponsored by Quickbase. This research explores the dual-track approach of transformation, where traditional transformation efforts run in parallel with rapid-cycle innovation of processes and workflows that cross the business.

Rapid-cycle innovation empowers individuals outside of IT to modernize their own workflows and rapidly improve the hundreds of existing operational processes that cross the business, often using a low-code platform to enable this approach.

Some key findings include:

  • 92% of executives surveyed say successful digital transformation requires an approach that combines innovation at both the enterprise- and business-process levels
  • 80% “strongly agree” that this dual-track approach is essential
  • 78% aren’t willing to rate their current digital transformation strategies as being “very effective”
  • 69% haven’t implemented a dual-track strategy

The need for digital transformation isn’t going away, nor is it slowing down. In fact, the pace and scale of transformation now is like nothing we’ve ever seen before—you need to move even faster and drive operational agility in order to adapt and prepare for any changing environment.

Unfortunately, the traditional, grand-scale transformation strategies companies typically undertake to modernize are resource intensive and often take years to complete—it simply isn’t enough. Additionally, focusing on only this type of transformation often leaves gaps, with many needs across the business never addressed.

It’s never been more important for organizations to get more out of their technology and people, empowering anyone across an organization to fill in the gaps and build the solutions they need that connect their data and systems.

Ed Jennings, CEO
Written By: Ed Jennings

Ed Jennings is the CEO of Quickbase.

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