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Reduce Cost and Complexity With Facilities Management Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 12, 2023
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Facility Management is a highly complex job that requires a wide range of skills. From monitoring building systems and energy consumption, to handling maintenance and tracking profitability, facilities management teams must constantly multitask and shift gears while maintaining incredible attention to detail. Facilities management software can significantly reduce the complexity of managing multiple systems by automating tasks, simplifying communication, and streamlining workflows.

While there are many built environment software solutions on the market, choosing the best facilities management platform can be a challenge. The right solution should automate as many tasks as possible – from monitoring the health of systems and scheduling predictive maintenance to tracking progress on projects and communicating with various stakeholders. Facilities management software should also unify the siloed data from various systems to provide management teams with a complete and accurate picture of building operations, safety, and profitability. Most importantly, facilities management software must be easily adapted to the needs of each team and each facility.

That’s where Quickbase excels. As a Dynamic Workplace Management platform, we offer templates and pre-configured building management tools that can be easily customized by virtually any member of the management team. With Quickbase’s no-code application development tools, users with any level of technical ability – or no technical experience at all – can build and continuously improve software systems to address visibility issues and fix workflow gaps.

The challenge of managing large facilities

Superior facilities management software can help management teams to address the major challenges of managing buildings safely, efficiently, and profitably.

  • Costcontrol. Facility management teams must carefully track and control expenses for energy, maintenance, services, and special projects to ensure a profitable operation.

  • Energy consumption. Costs for lighting, heating, and cooling are among the largest expenses for any building. Facility management software must help teams to monitor usage, conserve energy, and optimize expenses.

  • Maintenance. From repairing broken fixtures to maintaining HVAC systems, the time and cost of maintaining a large facility can easily eat up most of the resources for a management team.

  • Record keeping. Buildings generate large amounts of data and come with huge volumes of documents. Management teams must be able to efficiently organize, store, and access records such as contracts, building plans, equipment manuals, leases, inspections, and many other documents related to facility management.

  • Compliance. Physical structures and building operations are subject to a broad range of regulations. Teams need tools to simplify the task of tracking changes in local, state, and federal laws and ensuring and proving that their buildings are in compliance.

  • Aging equipment. To extend the lifespan of expensive assets, commercial building management teams must monitor the health of systems, schedule preventive maintenance, and replace equipment at the optimal time before performance degrades.

  • Emergencies. Creating emergency response plans for fires, system failures, and natural disasters is a critical part of managing buildings and keeping occupants safe.

Facilities management software from Quickbase

Quickbase provides no-code application development tools that enable employees with little or no coding experience to create and modify software programs that address the business needs they understand best. With Quickbase, teams can continuously improve their most complex business applications without the hassle, cost, and delays of traditional software development processes.

In addition to providing tools for building or customizing facility’s existing software, Quickbase offers templates and pre-built solutions that can augment a building management platform or support building information modeling technology.

  • Project management tools automate workflows, streamline processes, and monitor progress on tasks while delivering a 360° view of every system and project.

  • Financial management software dynamically tracks every dollar and forecasts critical costs with real-time data. With financial data from all systems consolidated in one place, teams can make more informed decisions about budgets and expenses.

  • Subcontractor management software simplifies the estimating, bidding, and selection process and consistently tracks and analyzes subcontractor performance.

  • Resource management and scheduling software balances workloads, allocates resources, reduces costs, and assigns tasks to the people best suited to each job.

  • Contract tracking software centralizes documentation throughout the business to make important documents, facility details, service reports, transaction documents, and vendor contracts safely and securely accessible.

Quickbase also provides tools to connect all existing systems and workflows and provide a single view of the status, progress, and performance of ongoing projects. Quickbase automates workflows to increase team productivity and analyzes data to identify where projects may be underperforming.

Improve management and agility

Quickbase facilities management software provides teams with tools to continually improve business processes and achieve more agile operations. By transforming systems, processes, and workflows with Quickbase software, teams can manage facilities with greater flexibility and agility to maintain operations, solve new challenges, and respond to unforeseen events.

With Quickbase, facilities management teams can:

  • Make more informed decisions faster. By providing management teams with the tools they need to automate workflows and streamline processes, Quickbase delivers the insights required to improve decision-making at every level.

  • Adapt to change. Quickbase empowers users at every level to create solutions to help the business adapt to changing conditions and take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Leverage existing technology. Quickbase gives users closest to business problems the tools to solve them, using existing data assets and technology investments.

Why choose Quickbase?

Quickbase offers a proven approach for Dynamic Work, no-code application development, and best practices that are based on 20+ years of experience empowering non-coders to build powerful solutions to business problems. A proven governance framework provides a core set of principles that enable users and IT to work together while protecting data and maintaining safe development practices across the organization. As employees throughout the organization create new applications, IT retains a unique level of control and visibility into what apps are being created, what systems are being integrated, and by whom.

Along with facilities management software, Quickbase offers a broad array of additional templates and pre-configured solutions that solve workflow gaps and visibility issues in many different industries. From process improvement tools for manufacturing firms to portfolio management software for real estate companies, Quickbase delivers powerful solutions that enable companies to accelerate innovation and continuously improve their most complex workflows.


What is facilities management software?

Facilities management software helps management teams simplify the complex tasks of keeping buildings safe, operational, attractive, and profitable. Facilities management software typically includes a wide range of tools and automates tasks such as communicating with tenants, scheduling maintenance, monitoring systems, tracking insurance needs, ensuring compliance, centralizing documents, and controlling costs.

What are the benefits of facility management software?

By automating many routine and important tasks, facilities management software increases efficiency, reduces errors, and frees team members to work on higher-value initiatives.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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