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Why Quickbase Is Better Suited for Dynamic Work than Smartsheet

Written By: Matt Lieberson
December 12, 2023
4 min read

Figuring out the best way to take on your most complex work takes effort. It can take time, energy, and coordination to get people in the right place, and to create smooth processes. That goes double for finding the right tools.

This is particularly important as we are entering a new age of workforce productivity. AI, automation, and no-code solutions have fundamentally changed the digital work landscape, and it’s driving a massive shift in the way we work — from the old Structured work to the new Dynamic work.

And as this work becomes more dynamic, the right tools for dynamic work management are the ones. While some may consider a tool like Smartsheet for its cloud-based spreadsheet and project management capabilities, a more robust, complete tool like Quickbase will bring you into the era of dynamic work.

Managing data

Simply using a cloud-based spreadsheet is not enough. With large volumes of critical data, it is more important than ever to have robust capabilities. Spreadsheet-like tools will simply leave you with more Gray Work – the manual work done outside of your systems to get the job done. Quickbase’s scalability for complex queries, and ability to manage large amounts of data, can be a major difference.

With features like Quickbase’s Smart Builder, you can build applications powered by generative AI – bringing your solution to life quicker than ever, and getting your projects on track more quickly. This brings about considerably more information than just a spreadsheet – including Dashboards, Gantt charts, and more. There are tons of ways to build an application that go beyond relying on a spreadsheet.

“Quickbase AI helps our business users identify trends without them having to continually analyze their data. We can bring trends to their attention that may not be easily found.” - Brian Hinshaw, Principal Business Management, AT&T


Unifying your disconnected data takes integrations, especially when that data is across systems. Quickbase’s significant suite of integrations promote collaboration, cross-system intelligence, and efficiency. With Quickbase’s integrations, you can visually orchestrate workflows across applications, use APIs to develop custom extensions, and mirror common datasets across applications.

With more than 40+ prebuilt integrations, Quickbase allows you to remove Gray Work and better manage your complex projects. Plus, with Pipelines, you can use our drag-and-drop builder to create more complex integrations and orchestrate automated workflows even faster.


As your data becomes more intricate, it becomes crucial to have the necessary tools to securely scale your business while empowering your workforce. By centralizing governance in one location, you can ensure that IT retains control while enabling seamless growth.

Smartsheet offers various user permissions, but Quickbase offers considerably more user permissions and controls to manage your data properly. Quickbase governance and security provides full control over who sees what information, down to the individual field level. Admins can set up role-based permissions, controlling who can see what kind of data.

  • Our governance capabilities seamlessly align with even the most stringent IT policies regarding compliance, privacy, and control. This ensures that those directly involved in the work can focus on their tasks without concerns about data security challenges. Versioning and rollback: When you are deploying scheduled app updates, you’ll be able to roll back to a previous schema version if something goes wrong.
  • Audit logs: Track a range of platform activity, including logins, data access and modification, user and role management changes, and app schema changes. 
  • Static IPs: When the new Static IP option is enabled, Quickbase will route all outbound pipelines traffic through a specific range of IP addresses.

All of this has been recognized by leading data security experts, with Quickbase achieving STAR Level Two Attestation for the Cloud Security Alliance.

Owning your most complex work

Your most complex projects are the ones that are going to have the biggest impact across your organization and drive revenue. These are also the ones that can bring about new insights for further work. With Quickbase Data Analyzer, powered by AI, you can discover the trends and insights your business needs from all of your data. Instead of just a repository, your data can actually be used for insights and productivity among your complex work.

Quickbase is designed to manage your most complex projects with large volumes of data. Centralize project data, boost collaboration, collaborate across teams, and deliver projects on budget and on time. Dynamic work is multidimensional, flexible, multi-stakeholder, and complex. The right tool has capabilities that go beyond spreadsheets, to make the complex work simple.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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