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Why Quickbase Is Primed to Make an Impact Internationally: Q&A With Vimal Nair

Written By: Matt Lieberson
November 22, 2021
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The need for empowering users across the business to optimize the workflows they are closest to continues to rise. Future focused enterprises are enabling this by leveraging the power of no-code technologies like Quickbase. In fact, it’s a global phenomenon – which is why Quickbase is excited to launch its international presence. From our Sofia, Bulgaria office to establishing entities in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as India, Quickbase is continuing to grow globally. This expanding presence is fueled by accelerated adoption as well as the increasing appetite internationally for low-code capabilities. Gartner, for example, forecasted a worldwide growth in the low-code market of 22.6% in 2021 compared to 2020.

This market growth and continued demand has set the stage for Quickbase to build our own international team, with Vimal Nair, Vice President of International Sales, joining Quickbase earlier this year. With a background of over 2 decades in IT services consulting and alliance management with large GSI organizations, Vimal brings ample experience internationally to drive success for Quickbase. Vimal has driven Quickbase’s international expansion strategy and established our presence in these burgeoning low-code markets.

We caught up with Vimal to learn his perspective on the international low-code market and how organizations can drive success through partnership.

Q: What has you excited about working at Quickbase?

Vimal: Coming from the IT Services world, I have had firsthand experience witnessing customers struggle to get their ideas converted to software solutions navigating the challenges around cost, quality and time. I’m excited about how we put our customers at the forefront of our work. We are evolving every day as a company, and what we have as capabilities and features, we are open and flexible to changing that based on customer feedback and the needs of the market.

This ability to adapt to the needs of our customers is something that is really valuable and a huge competitive advantage. The customer centricity is really important, and a big plus for me. It’s going to be an important factor internationally.

Q: Why is there such great value in no-code development for organizations?

Vimal: Our ability to put things out faster, and not having to spend multiple years and significant money to know if something will work, is what makes us unique and different. We are able to build something very fast, and change it – but you’re not spending all that time and money or wasting the opportunity cost there.

Also, with the support of partners, no-code allows those closest to their processes to take control and build solutions quickly effectively. Democratizing software development and giving the power to people closer to the work make the changes they need and when they need is going to be really helpful.

Q: What do you see as the major value we’re bringing to customers in our partner-first approach?

Vimal: When we think about entering a new market, it is crucial to look at leveraging our strengths and understanding the pulse of our target customers. The best way to do this is to leverage the power and reach of partnerships. Because of this, in the international markets, our approach is going to be partner-first. We aspire to work with leading technical and service provider partners with established presence in the region. We will look at double-clicking on GSIs. Working with and taking joint solution offerings to the market with GSIs can affirm our product’s technical prowess and ability to meet enterprise needs – all the more reason for customers internationally to take notice.

This also brings about the ability to solve the problems of critical, yet inflexible legacy systems. Working with GSIs allows the ability to easily navigate the challenges of legacy systems and add in the activation of important data.

Q: What is your mindset as we go deeper into our international markets?

Vimal: We’re going into the market with a mindset to solve problems. The product has already proven that it can do this. We want to be aggressive yet pragmatic and work with the right segments of customers in the near term. Now, we’re ready to really capture our market with those who are looking to innovate and gain operational agility by leveraging the power of Quickbase. It’s game on for us internationally.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.