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Quickbase Virtual Hackathon: Solving the most critical problems facing organizations and communities

Written By: Matt Lieberson
September 21, 2020
3 min read

The pace of change in business has never been faster. As businesses are forced to consistently adapt to new challenges, the problems that organizations need to solve are always changing. To get back to the future of work, there are some major issues that organizations need to be ready to solve for. And it is not just confined to the workplace – when accounting for global pandemics and social unrest, organizations and communities must adapt and flex in creative ways to address ever-changing problems that stretch outside of the office.

We are so passionate about the potential of our platform to drive this necessary change that we are offering $250,000 – that’s a quarter of a million dollars – to see how the smart, clever people in our community and beyond can leverage Quickbase to create innovative solutions. By registering for our Virtual Hackathon, you’ll have the chance to use Quickbase to solve the problems of our time while taking home some serious cash.

The problems modern organizations and communities face

So what are the issues plaguing modern businesses, as well as the world at large? Most often, these issues break down into four categories:

  • Building connections: While we work remotely and “normal” life is on hold, it is critical to keep disparate systems and people connected. The challenge is to consistently develop solutions that strengthen processes, workflows, and partnerships – all while remaining at a distance.
  • Responding to disruption: Organizations and communities need to be ready to rapidly adapt when reacting to constant change. With disruption happening on what seems like a daily basis, organizations need to be ready with automated processes, more flexible systems, and real-time insights.
  • Equity in the workplace and beyond: In the modern work environment, and with social justice initiatives becoming move visible by the moment, organizations need to be addressing sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, and human rights – issues that define our time.
  • Keeping employees, customers, and communities safe: Mentally, physically, digitally – modern organizations need to make sure their people and their data are secure and taken care of.

The teams and organizations that can solve them

The organizations and teams that can nimbly solve for these issues are the ones that are going to succeed and grow in the coming years. Quickbase knows the expertise and know-how to solve these problems is out there – and we want to motivate you to solve them.

For software developers, while the goal is always to create powerful solutions, setting aside the time to do so can be difficult. By joining the Quickbase Virtual Hackathon, software developers have the opportunity to experiment with a powerful low-code platform to solve complex business problems and join a network of developers dedicated to the same cause.

Similarly, citizen developers and current Quickbase users who have already honed their Quickbase expertise don’t often have the chance to tinker with the platform and create innovative apps outside of their traditional role. Our Hackathon gives those users the chance to stretch their creative knowledge and flex their low-code muscle in a new way.

And for anybody who is just looking to solve problems in an innovative way with low-code solutions, this Hackathon is an excellent chance to connect with software developers, project managers, and people across the business world who are focused on innovation with low-code applications.

An opportunity to make an impact

If you’re ready to solve the issues facing modern organizations, both inside the workplace and in the world outside of it, get your team together and register for the Quickbase Virtual Hackathon. Registration is now open, and you have until November 16 to submit your solutions. Get ready to solve the biggest problems facing modern businesses and start building!

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.