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Announcing Enhanced Mobile Capability that Changes the Way You Work with Quickbase

Written By: Ankit Shah
December 4, 2018
3 min read

Today, we’re announcing a significantly improved Quickbase mobile capability that enables customers to build custom business applications for both the web and mobile without special mobile development. As part of this announcement, we’re launching a new Quickbase mobile app, which gives customers an easy and secure way to access their Quickbase applications from any mobile device.

We’ve also made several improvements to the visual and navigation areas of the existing Quickbase mobile web experience that is automatically generated for end users without any additional development by Quickbase builders. These improvements make the overall experience of using Quickbase on a mobile device easier and more secure.

Where’s the App for that?

There continues to be a growing demand on IT departments to quickly deliver mobile solutions to improve their employee and customer experiences. An ever-increasing shortage of experienced mobile developers has also put tremendous pressure on IT, who are able to address one or two high visibility customer-facing mobile apps, leaving other mobile experience demands unfulfilled. To offload this rapid demand for mobile solutions, IT is turning to application development platforms that enable their organization to build an application once and optimize it for both the web and mobile channels without any special mobile development.

Also, a new generation of workers that are digitally native and are on-the-go outside their offices are used to accessing content on their mobile devices and have high expectations at work to help them automate existing business processes on their mobile devices. This, coupled with a workforce who’s primarily working in the field and focusing on construction management, patient engagement, environmental health and safety management, inventory management, and others, need the ability to digitize data collection and access actionable information on mobile devices at any point in the day without opening up a browser on their computer.

Build Once, Access Anywhere

To empower customers who don’t have special database, programming, or mobile development skills to create and evolve powerful custom business applications for both the web and mobile devices, we automatically generate a touch-friendly experience optimized for the small form factors of smartphones for every Quickbase application. Customers can now access this experience with our new Quickbase mobile app and help their users easily and securely access those applications from their mobile devices.

The Quickbase mobile app can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play app stores and is compatible with iOS (10.0 or later) and Android (4.1 or later) smartphones.

With this mobile app, customers can:

  • Easily access all their Quickbase applications without any special mobile development by the application builder
  • Securely authenticate to Quickbase using their mobile device’s biometrics features such as fingerprints and facial recognition
  • Quickly capture data using custom mobile forms configured by the Quickbase builder
  • Use geolocation to automatically update address fields on forms
  • Tap address field to open it in your default map app
  • Upload photos & files stored on their mobile devices
  • Use the voice-to-text keyboard feature to capture data
  • Easily view, search, and share their data
  • Quickly view real-time updates to their reports and charts

Empower Your Team on the Go

This mobile app gives our customers the freedom to communicate with their team members regardless of where they are by updating and sharing Quickbase data in real-time from any mobile device. It also gives them the ability to extend Quickbase applications to workers outside of their offices, or to employees that are on the go, without any special mobile development.

For end users, this mobile app provides an easy and secure way to access their Quickbase applications from any mobile device. And for application owners, this mobile app provides an easy and secure way to distribute their Quickbase applications to their employees, contractors, or customers that are out in the field or on the go.

Change the Way You Work with Quickbase

With today’s announcement, we continue to provide the agility customers need to create and evolve custom business applications across their organization that can be easily and securely accessed on their mobile devices without any special mobile development.

Download the Quickbase mobile app for iOS or Android mobile devices to access your Quickbase applications, and change the way you work with Quickbase.

Written By: Ankit Shah
Ankit is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Quickbase where he focuses on helping customers collaborate between their IT and Business to drive innovation & digital transformation within their organization. Ankit’s alma mater is Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in Computer Engineering.

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