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Make Better Decisions with Superior Project Planning Software

Written By: Joe Demski
July 31, 2023
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Planning is the most important step in project management. A superior plan articulates clearly defined goals, sets realistic deadlines, effectively identifies resources, and breaks a massive project into a series of tasks and dependencies that can be easily tracked.

The right project planning software enables your project teams to efficiently create plans that perfectly align objectives, resources, timelines, and budgets to bring a project to completion. However, choosing the best project coordination software can be challenging, as every organization and every project has different requirements. The best solutions will provide comprehensive project planning tools in a single package. They will also make it easy to customize any aspect of the software to conform to the needs, culture, and specifics of each individual project.

That’s where Quickbase can help. As a no-code application development platform, Quickbase provides project planning software that can be easily customized and adapted by users with any level of software development expertise.

What to look for in project planning software

There are innumerable options available for organizations seeking project management software. The best solutions excel in four essential areas.

  • Automation. Every project planning software solution offers some degree of automation. The best solutions will automate tasks at every level of project management, from task tracking, budget monitoring, and resource allocation to quality control, performance monitoring, and risk mitigation.

  • Integration. The right project planning software solution will integrate data silos across your organization to provide complete visibility and better decision-making. Integration of all the tools used in project planning is critical to avoid duplication in error. And project software must integrate easily with your existing technology stack to ensure greater efficiency.

  • Simplicity. User-friendly solutions ensure fast adoption and discourage team members from creating workarounds that may lead to workflow inefficiencies.

  • Customization. Many project planning software solutions can be customized only with help from IT, which hinders agility and introduces delays. The best project tracking software should allow any member of the project team to customize features to meet the needs of their individual workflow.

Quickbase: Fully customizable project planning software

The Quickbase platform lets problem solvers with any level of technical expertise easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications to address project planning challenges. As a no-code application development platform, Quickbase provides a visual environment with drag-and-drop tools and pre-configured components that lets users quickly create complex applications that improve operations and collaborative abilities.

Project planning software from Quickbase can be easily customized to meet the requirements and automate the workflows for any project. Quickbase provides:

  • A 360° view. Quickbase delivers end-to-end visibility for all projects, processes, suppliers, subcontractors, and field workers. By syncing all data and workflows with a single tool, you can adjust project plans and timelines as needed to mitigate risk, cut costs, and improve margins.

  • A unified data environment. Connect information silos to deliver insights for better decision-making. Quickly identify and remediate problems across multiple projects, initiatives, and programs to keep projects on track.

  • Automated processes. Increase productivity by automating workflows and providing teams with solutions built for their unique needs. Connect all parties associated with a project inside and outside your organization to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Easy-to-build reports and dashboards. Provide custom views for everyone on the team – from executives to fieldworkers – for every stage of every project in the portfolio. Track success in real-time and ensure that each team member has the data they need, when they need it.

Additional solutions from Quickbase

Along with project planning software, the Quickbase platform offers additional templates and pre-configured solutions to solve various business challenges.

  • Budget and financial management applications help cut costs and maximize profits while providing accurate financial information to control every dollar in real-time.

  • CRM tools centralize data and reporting to meet the unique needs and workflows of the sales team.

  • Field services capabilities empower on-site teams with accurate, updated information at every stage of a project.

  • Process improvement apps quickly identify problems with production, orders, and suppliers within large data sets to enable operational excellence across teams.

  • Real estate contract management software provides one place to manage contracts, property agreements, leases, customer contracts, and vendor contracts across an entire real estate portfolio.

  • Real estate portfolio and property manager software make it easy to view an entire property management system in a single view and uncover insights that propel growth.

  • Resource management apps balance workloads, reduce costs, and help meet goals faster with custom solutions that reveal employee and vendor capacity across project portfolios.

  • Site selection and evaluation tools close visibility gaps and give teams confidence as they identify opportunities for growth.

  • Subcontractor management software tracks contracts, vendor performance, certifications, and job quality across the entire project portfolio.

  • Supply chain management tools fine-tune processes to reduce disruption and increase efficiency throughout the supply chain.

  • Training management technology makes it easy to create personalized training management software to access, maintain, and manage training data in one central and secure location.

  • Work order management software delivers visibility into work orders across portfolios to drive strong performance at every location.

Why Quickbase?

Quickbase’s no-code platform empowers users closest to the business problem to quickly turn ideas for improvement into solutions. Teams can use Quickbase’s intuitive tools and visual builders to easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that solve visibility issues and fix workflow gaps – without replacing a single system.

Quickbase enables organizations to:

  • Achieve greater agility by enabling everyone in the organization to build solutions for complex challenges.

  • Enhance productivity by automating workflows, integrating applications, connecting data silos, and avoiding duplicating efforts across teams.

  • Support continuous innovation by pushing application changes without downtime to the applications business users rely on.

  • Achieve end-to-end visibility to anticipate roadblocks and keep high-stakes programs on track.

  • Mitigate risk, reduce waste, and cut down on unexpected expenses by connecting existing systems with key contributors.


What is project planning software?

Project planning software helps organizations, teams, and managers prepare a project plan that can be successfully executed with the available people, time, technology, and budget.

What is the most effective project planning software?

There are many project planning software solutions on the market. Most organizations lean toward an all-in-one solution that avoids the need to coordinate multiple tools. Highly customizable software is also a plus, giving teams the ability to handle new developments, evolving projects, and unexpected challenges.

Joe Demski
Written By: Joe Demski

Joe Demski is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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