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A Partnership Empowering Innovation: Procore and Quickbase

Written By: Joe Demski
September 15, 2022
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Complex building projects today require any digital tool to deliver simple visibility into project data and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders. The design of software tools for projects need to be as custom as the projects themselves. In order to advance innovation of custom-fit solutions in construction management, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Quickbase and Procore.

Why Quickbase and Procore?

The common goal of helping those that are reshaping the world made a partnership between Quickbase and Procore a natural fit. As the leading provider in construction management software, Procore connects project stakeholder to solutions built specifically for the construction industry. Leaders in general contracting, specialty contracting, and real estate portfolio management rely on Procore as the system of record for massive construction projects.

Procore provides robust construction management software that is augmented and complemented by no-code technology. Enter Quickbase to help business users get more from their Procore data and investment and turn them into business innovators.

Helping customers see, connect, and control project complexities is priority number one for Quickbase. The no-code software platform provides a space for building project pros to create custom-fit solutions to makes their processes more efficient. Quickbase allows users to establish a single source of truth from all critical project data by integrating insight for disparate systems of record.

The flexibility and customizability of Quickbase paired with the robust construction management capabilities of Procore makes it an incredibly powerful tech tool for all building project leaders.

What Does this Partnership Accomplish?

The Quickbase platform empowers users to unlock new possibilities in Procore. Quickbase equips users with a no-code toolkit to create unique, real-time applications to enhance workflows and unlock, all without the need of professional developers

The partnership allows users to create, connect and configure enterprise applications with speed and efficiency. Joint users will realize many benefits and opportunities including:

  • Business-led innovation: Business users can use the no-code capabilities of Quickbase to build applications in real-time to solve their unique challenges and workflows.
  • Enhanced existing systems connectivity: Quickbase helps Procore users seamlessly connect their tech ecosystem, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools, document managers, and any other systems the teams depend on, to a single source of truth to address company-specific workflows and reporting.
  • Reduced project risks with increased visibility: Every team member can capture unique insights and add context to project data that lives in Procore using custom fields in Quickbase to automate workflow and resource allocation across project phases.

What Does this Mean for You?

This new partnership emboldens general and specialty contractors and real estate owners to extend Procore and develop real-time applications and address specific workflow needs to keep high-stakes projects on track. This integration leads to process improvement and unparalleled insights for project leaders, like you.

In order to overcome the information gaps that plague many complex construction projects, this partnership includes a bi-directional integration between Quickbase and Procore. This gives organizations full insight into every element of their project portfolio across systems in real-time. The solution was developed in collaboration with clients and based on extensive feedback from beta users to make it the best place for you to start your journey with Quickbase and Procore. Quickbase’s existing API integrations long used by Procore customers and is available today for users of Quickbase and Procore.

If you rely on Procore, but haven’t yet jumped into Quickbase, we’ve crafted Building Project bundles to get construction industry professionals up and running quickly. Along with Procore, the bundle includes a number of integrations like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and more which are crucial to many construction operations. Plus, Quickbase capabilities like the Gantt project scheduler and the ability to generate dynamic documents. The bundle also includes a set of foundational applications to get users started and services to provide support along the way.


Take Control of Complex Projects Seamlessly

When it comes to expertise in construction management software, Procore is the clear market leader. For collaborative no-code platforms, Quickbase leads the way. The shared vision of fueling business-led innovation in complex project management makes a shared partnership between Quickbase and Procore a gamechanger for construction organizations.

Joe Demski
Written By: Joe Demski

Joe Demski is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.