Partnership empowers business-led innovation in construction

Quickbase unlocks new possibilities to extend Procore for unique workflows.

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Quickbase enables construction workflow automation for builders

Quickbase + Procore

The Quickbase and Procore integration is designed to augment your Procore investment with an enterprise-grade no-code development platform. The partnership gives business users the ability to create real-time apps and solutions that are purpose-built for your organization. Whether your team is in general contracting, specialty contracting, or real estate – Quickbase helps you to get more from your Procore data.

  • Automate repetitive workflows and connect siloed data across systems
  • Enhance stakeholder collaboration to reduce risk and deliver projects on-time
  • Personalize dashboard reporting and project insights
A Quickbase screenshot showing its use as a no code development platform for Procore

Seamless Procore integration through pre-built connector

With the new Quickbase Pipelines channel, teams can:

  • Manage projects real-time through bi-directional integration
  • Interact with hundreds of Procore data types
  • Access pre-configured steps and most-requested Procore tools including Directory, Admin, Home, RFIs, Budgets, and Submittals

Customers are seeing results

General contractors, specialty contractors, and real estate owners are solving unique business challenges with Quickbase and Procore.

Consigli Construction, one of the largest employee-owned construction managers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, uses Quickbase as a central source of their critical information to solve complex project needs.

Hear from CIO Anthony Chiaradonna on how they've unlocked new value through Quickbase to extend Procore.

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Anthony Chiaradonna from Consigli discussing Quickbase’s construction workflow software.