Meeting the Future Head On: How No-Code Platforms are Enhancing the Way We Work

Jun 13, 2017
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Meeting the Future Head On: How No Code Platforms are Enhancing the Way We Work

Meeting the Future Head On: How No Code Platforms are Enhancing the Way We Work


According to Australian technology and innovation futurist, Mike Walsh, the future of business success resides in the minds of today’s eight year olds. And it’s being shaped by the growing number of interactive toys and devices that have become a daily part of their lives. He explains that it’s a “cloud enabled, artificial intelligence moderated, data-driven experience” that they—along with all of us—are being increasingly conditioned to expect.


A world shaped by data

Expectations arising from what Walsh calls “the digital orchestration of daily life” are already shaping the way businesses operate—whether it’s providing a kid-pleasing experience at Disney via an electronic, interactive wristband; tailoring our shopping experiences on Amazon; or even improving customer and job satisfaction by facilitating a better and more productive work environment for employees.

“To survive in the algorithmic age, we need to understand human behavior and upgrade the way we make decisions based on a complex and fast-changing world,” says Walsh, who is also a best-selling author and Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy firm and consumer innovation research lab.


A call to innovation

Business success, now and in the future, hinges on the capability to innovate in ways that help us better capture and leverage this ever-rising tide of data and the insights and opportunities it holds. One catalyst ushering in this new age is a no-code platform in the cloud—and there are several good reasons why its popularity is skyrocketing.


#1: It empowers anyone in an organization to wear the hat of an innovator. With nothing more than an understanding of their data and processes, those closest to the work and to customers can turn their ideas into tailor-made apps that solve problems, boost productivity, and raise the bar on service.

With a no-code platform, app building becomes accessible to a new generation of non-traditional developers without coding skills. You can easily build the tools you need, when and where you need them, using intuitive wizards, menus, and click to select features and data sources.


#2: It provides a more effective, agile, and cost-efficient alternative to siloed point solutions that are difficult or impossible to customize and integrate. A web-based no-code platform enables you to build apps that work the way you do, streamlining and automating tasks, processes and workflows that are already in place. Each app that you build becomes part of unified ecosystem that is fully customizable based on your integration, management, and security requirements.

#3: Every app shares one database that provides a single source of truth for up-to-the minute business and customer data. With fast and easy access to the latest information, higher staff productivity and optimized decision making are a given—as is the ability to continually deliver on the promise of better, more personalized customer service.


#4: A secure place for citizen developers to innovate takes the worry and load off busy and often limited IT resources. No-code platforms have become a win-win for both business and IT teams. They not only help spread the workload for business app development across more resources, but also make it possible to accommodate both innovation speed and control (via governance and data security).

These platforms, backed by a trusted service provider, enable business professionals to build apps fast and and keep them fresh and relevant, on their own, with IT’s blessing.


Optimizing the experience one app at a time   

Business innovation and agility thrive in a no-code app-enabled business where:

  • Day-to-day challenges are quickly and easily solved by anyone.
  • Manual tasks, processes and workflows are streamlined and automated.
  • Individuals, teams and divisions seamlessly collaborate and share data.
  • Real-time app updates immediately address changing business needs and customer preferences.
  • Targeted, and timely reports drive better, faster, and more competitive decisions.
  • A personalized experience can be delivered to every customer, with every interaction


“What distinguishes Quick Base is what we’re doing for people’s careers and their ability to grow their businesses faster than others,” says Rick Willett, CEO of Quick Base, Inc. 


The future is now

Almost everything we do today leaves a digital record that becomes uniquely ours. Those companies best equipped to collect, manage, and leverage this gold mine of business and customer data in new and innovative ways are the ones who will stay ahead of the curve.

Today’s no-code platforms are helping drive the innovation, speed, and agility needed to empower those who build the apps, those who use them and those who benefit from them. That phenomenon is already changing the face of business as we know it.

"How will you design the future of your products and services for an AI-first world?” asks Walsh.

How will you answer?


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