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Introducing the Strategic Enterprise Platform for Tomorrow

Written By: Jay Jamison
August 12, 2019
5 min read

Today is a big day for us here at Quickbase–and for our customers.

We announced an acquisition that will allow us to deliver the first combined enterprise platform for low-code development, integration and workflow automation.

The acquisition of Cloudpipes, a leading cloud-based integration and automation platform founded by CEO, Boris Raicheff, CCO, Spartak Kabakchiev and COO, Marco Starace, is a huge step forward in achieving our vision to redefine the low-code category to better meet the needs of modern businesses.

There are three pieces of functionality that I am specifically excited about delivering to our customers.

  • Powerful UI Builder: making it simple to build custom workflows and connections.
  • Built-in Connectors: 150 pre-built connections to SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Google, OneDrive, Slack and many more.
  • Seamless System Integration: allowing our customers to connect On Prem behind the firewall systems with their other cloud services.

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An Unmet Need. A New Way Forward.

We’ve heard the message loud and clear–businesses are struggling to buy and build the tailored applications they need to transform the thousands of unique processes that live beyond their core platforms, and there’s one big reason for that.

Today, most processes touch several data sources—and creating workflow automations while maintaining stable integrations is difficult and unreliable. It’s just too hard and too cumbersome to weave together the system connections you need.

We are on a mission to change that.

The combination of Cloudpipes integrations and automations combined with Quickbase’s market-leading cloud platform creates the first enterprise platform of its kind. We are finally giving businesses exactly what they need—a powerful, easy to use platform that can connect their data and unite their people across the enterprise on a common development platform.

Our customers will now have a unified view across all their applications, with the ability to push and pull data and insights from application to application and from legacy systems, automating workflows that have traditionally been fully out of reach or difficult to wrangle.

In today’s low-code landscape, there is a critical need to enhance application integration and automation capabilities amidst a growing deficit of developer resources. This acquisition addresses the most pressing needs of both functional technologists and IT developers—uniting them on one platform to gain insights and give power to their data.

Unlocking Potential

Too much data is locked up in hard-to-customize legacy systems and disconnected point solutions. The combined platform is helping our customers unlock and connect data from legacy systems and cloud applications so that it may be used to generate new business insights and power new workflows. This will help them work more efficiently, better serve customers and drive business forward.

As companies transform into digital enterprises, there aren’t enough technical developers to automate the thousands of processes and workflows everywhere in the business. To solve that problem, both technical and non-technical people need to access data from dozens of disconnected systems.

This new platform makes it easy for the business to solve important problems and technical developers to get to solutions faster—simplifying the development of powerful connected business applications.

Just the Beginning

We will start bringing our combined platform to the market as soon as we can. In the meantime, interested customers can sign-up to stay informed of updates and to be considered for any early access programs.

We are continuing to build the most powerful platform for people powered business to get to solutions faster. This addition to our technology is a huge step in that direction to getting powerful technology into the hands of problem-solvers everywhere.

Still have questions? I will be holding an “Ask Me Anything” on the Quickbase Community on Tuesday August 27 from 2-3 pm EST. Come on by and join the conversation!

Why did Quickbase buy Cloudpipes?
The acquisition of Cloudpipes represents the next step in Quickbase’s bold strategy to improve how businesses develop software solutions that are customized for their unique needs. After an extensive search, we have found that no company shares that vision more closely than Cloudpipes.
Cloudpipes is helping Quickbase accelerate its roadmap to meet the increasing demand for easier integrations and automation capabilities, and at the same time Quickbase provides Cloudpipes with the fastest way to increase their impact on the market and continue evolving their technology.

Why is this important for our combined customers?
When data is locked up in hard-to-customize legacy systems and stovepipe cloud applications, it slows businesses down. This acquisition is an important step in helping our customers unlock and connect data from their legacy systems and cloud applications. This evolution of our capabilities will make it incredibly easy to generate new business insights and power new workflows, helping people work more efficiently to better serve customers and drive their businesses forward.

What will happen now?
The acquisition of Cloudpipes dramatically accelerates our roadmap for integrations and automated workflows. The Quickbase and Cloudpipes teams will begin by working together to incorporate the Cloudpipes technology into the Quickbase platform, and we are excited to share more details about this combined product offering later in the year. In the meantime, we encourage interested customers to sign up here to stay informed of updates and to be considered for any early access programs.

What should customers expect?
There is no immediate impact to the current Quickbase or Cloudpipes offerings. Customers of both platforms should expect to continue using the existing features and capabilities, which will continue to be supported in order to help solve today’s integration and automation problems. In addition to maintaining support for features like Automations, Actions, Webhooks, and Sync, Quickbase also remains committed to our existing partnerships with Workato, Zapier, and QuNect.

Customers and partners should expect transparent and timely communication about our plans in this area, and we are looking forward to sharing more details about the combined product offering later in the year.

When will I be able to buy Cloudpipes?
While we don’t have yet have an exact date, we are excited to share our plans for a combined product offering based on this acquisition as more details become available later in the year. We encourage interested customers to sign up here to stay informed of updates and to be considered for any early access programs.

Written By: Jay Jamison

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