Introducing the New Quick Base!

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May 23, 2017
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Introducing the New Quick Base

Introducing the New Quick Base


Greetings from EMPOWER2017! This year we are kicking off the event in style – a new style to be precise.

This morning I had the opportunity to unveil our new brand to more than 550 of our customer and partner attendees and I’m thrilled to share it with all of you now on our Quick Base Blog.

I’ve been with Quick Base for close to 9 years and it’s been amazing to see all the tremendous growth and progress we’ve made. When I started we were in a market that the experts said didn’t exist. Over the years the industry caught up and we’ve emerged as one of the largest players in the space. We are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved, but know it would not be possible without our phenomenal customers and partners.

That’s why customers are at the center of our new brand. What you can see is that we have an exciting new logo and colors, but what matters most to us is the promise we are making to you with this new brand. That promise is a commitment to empowering your ideas into action every day. We are the platform that enables you and your team to create better ways to work and solve the problems you understand best.

This is also why we’ve slightly altered our name. We are still Quick Base, but we’ve made it into two words to signify our strength as your foundation or platform for app creation (or “Base”) and the speed with which you can build and continually adapt your apps.

We are constantly impressed by the amazing apps you create and love to see all the ways you improve your processes, drive productivity and help grow your businesses.

You are what inspires us each day to do better, to achieve more and deliver the best overall app building experience. That’s why we also wanted to leave it up to you to tell our new brand story.

Check it out our brand manifesto here – told entirely by Quick Base customers!


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